The Cycle of Power

Clients come to me for private sessions, many times because they are feeling victimized. Since I am able to see glimpses of their past incarnations, I can see the cycle of the power plays in their interactions. For example, if someone was abused by a relative, many times it is revealed that in past lives, they were also the abuser of that person. This happens with organizations as well.

If someone has been abused by a certain group; like family, religion or social group; it is revealed that they were in a position to set up the rules of that group in a previous life. While they were in the position of power, they instilled the “law of the land” and many lifetimes later, they are reaping the ill effects of those same rules. This is how souls, in the classroom of life, learn.

When we instill laws and rules, we would do well to know that at some point, we will be the victim of those exact rules. The more we can see our selves in the position of those that depend upon us; the less we will be cutting off our own freedom later down the road.

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