The Connection

The beauty of my sessions is that sometimes they can uncover answers to questions the client didn’t realize they were asking.

One of my clients is adopted. She loves her parents but doesn’t understand why the Universe put them together. She has a great life and their love has given her much opportunity but she feels so different from them. It has always been one of those questions within her that settled as an uneasiness within herself.

In one of her sessions, I sensed her past life as a soldier in Vietnam. I asked her directly to see if it was something that resonated, “were you in nam?” I asked. She told me her father was. From that statement, her truth revealed itself.

The bond between soldiers is very strong. There is a connection that is forged in life and death situations that is not understandable by anyone else. Soldiers come together from all walks of life and are leveled by the life and death scenario that they are thrust into. These two soldiers were thrown together and became dependent on each other to survive.

My client died in that war scene. The guilt of leaving her buddy and the connection that they forged was enough to bring them together in this lifetime. Her loyalty and her desire to protect him carried over to this life as well. She finally had the answer of why she was connected to her adoptive parents. The Universe was not random. It was specific.

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