The “C” Word

I never say the “C” word. I have this philosophy that words are vibrations and that we all are vibrations. People use that word a lot now. They didn’t used to. Now, they make races for it, and wear colors to celebrate overcoming it. But I see it all as treating the concept of it as something acceptable. It is not acceptable It is a violation to the body, spirit and society.

It is a black mark on history; that we would allow our environment to be so toxic that we weaken our bodies with poisons. It is our bubonic plague. To meet it with such complacency is preposterous to me. The fact that we don’t use every means possible to eradicate it because it might interfere with the profit margin for the very rich is an insult to humanity. It is silly to me that we honor people who overcome the “C” (which is a great thing) as a cloaking device to accept the state of affairs as is.

We have the greatest minds, resources and technology available on the planet now and if it was a priority to purify our environment of toxins, it would happen. But it makes more money to research ways to dodge a bullet instead of raising the standards and quality of life for all. Hospitals, care centers and research facilities are a big commodity. Research centers are really ways to help the body coexist with the poisons that we all know are a present byproduct of our gluttonous needs and wants. What really needs to happen is adopting cleaner ways NOT by assisting the body to function with a compromised capacity; while force feeding it insidious toxins.

It is insane that those of us who adopt alternative means to cleanse the body are considered the crackpots. We work diligently to eradicate every toxic feeling, experience and thought that might cling to a ingested toxin and create an abnormal presence in the body. It is preposterous to me that this is the process that society objects to.

It seems silly to me that those of us who hold a higher intention for the physicality of man are considered rogue. How strange to me that those who merely get by, and serve others simply because we know the blueprint and care, are scoffed at and treated like the ones with an agenda. Yes. The agenda is to serve, to enlighten and uplift. When have those qualities been attributed to a big business lately; besides through sound bytes. Just saying.

So keep wearing pink ribbons and looking for a magic cure. I am certain Bigfoot has it buried away somewhere. Please don’t be offended. Also please don’t mind if I don’t join the bandwagon. A wise person told me once that animals don’t realize that roads are dangerous. They are born with roads in their world and accept them as part of the landscape. Please forgive me for not accepting the “c” word as part of my landscape. In my Universe, the world is free of such highways.

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