The Art of Being Dis-agreeable

Hatred is not solved by coming into agreement with it. Hatred is better addressed by helping those who hate, to love as my heart loves. I do not give attention to hate. Many people will see that as indifference and scoff at me. I assure you it is not.

They do not see me, in my quiet meditations and healing sessions, go to the most ruthless dictators in the world, and pour love into their hearts. It is nothing that they can use to their advantage (or to others’ disadvantage). It is love pure and undiscerning. It is meant to reawaken their rigid and callous hearts and to awaken self contempt for their actions.

About four years back, there was a dictator shamelessly abusing his people. Many of the people who know me on twitter asked me if I could not do something. I had never tried. So that night I went in contemplation to that dictator and talked to him from the heart. I did not call him names or make his energy more defensive or reactive. I did not try to manipulate him. We spoke on neutral ground. I reasoned with his heart and ignored all else.

The next day he took himself out of power. Of course it could be a coincidence but I never underestimate the real power of love and kindness.

I know for myself that reawakening the stone heart in the top position is the way to shift the situation back into a state of balance. Pouring love into a crevice where it hasn’t been could return promise to the land. So please understand when I don’t stand in agreement with the impossibility of the task at hand. I try never to come into agreement with such things. It is my way.

I am always amazed that when I refute a negative scenario, people will argue with me and become indignant. Do they understand that they are defending hate? I never engage them. In this way I am dis-agreeable.

I invite more people to be dis-agreeable in this instance.

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