The Abundance Co-op

When people come to me for a particular issue, I can usually tune in when I am quiet and an answer will come. It is exciting and validating that our answers are always at our fingertips and we just have to be receptive to them. It makes life interesting.

A lot of people tell me their quality of life has been increased by their sessions. I do a lot of work around money issues because that is one area people get caught up. When I suggest to them that abundance is their natural state, and they have a sort of aversion to it, they sometimes get hostile. It feels like I am invalidating them when I am trying to do the opposite.

I have stayed receptive to how to help people and have been given a tool for people to use to create abundance. I was introduced to it after running into a chiropractor that I respect very much and hadn’t seen in a while. Because of my sensory deprivation when I was imprisoned for a year and natural sensitivities, I am hyper aware of people’s intentions. This man has a pure heart.

He introduced me to a new concept. It is interesting because the human consciousness will compare it to what it has already experienced. It is not that. I even resisted because of my own limitations in how I process information. How could I learn it? I have an aversion to attending groups; something that would be enjoyable to others. In the dream state, two spirit guides met me in an intimate café. They visited with me and handed me a folder. It was information about the new endeavor.

I was afraid to partake in this endeavor because people would have their perceptions of what I was doing and think it was for personal gain. I could benefit from it; but it is not my highest intention. I am already more abundant than I ever thought possible in this life. As I took the folder from my spirit guides, the top page revealed itself and I knew the content. It was familiar to me. They wanted me to know this and gave me the knowledge in the dream state. I took it as an endorsement. My fear of being perceived as a sellout was alleviated.

So, check out my new endeavor at I think of it as an abundance co-op and it is! We are like a huge consumer co-op. We pool our buying power, we buy things that we normally buy in life but we buy them through a system that gives us discounted prices and commissions. We then share those commissions with our business partners who also share their commissions with us’. If you are interesting in joining us as a means to creating abundance, please let me know. And if you want to support me personally, I would be grateful if you shop on-line via my site as opposed to any other.

I truly in my heart believe that everyone deserves abundance. So those who take initiative by coming on board, I will be holding special abundance teleconference to help everyone get past their blocks and limitations in this way. This is the missing piece of the puzzle for so many. I am excited to be able to assist in this way!

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