Clearing The Layers

First session with Jen this morning and I had no idea what to expect or how deep-seated the negative energy was held in my body until she began clearing the layers…Jen was able to get to the heart of the matter within the first 10-15 minutes! I’ve been through months of therapy that didn’t come… Read more “Clearing The Layers”

Karen Downey-Heywood

Attracting Abundance


LAST SESSION EFFECTS STILL GROWING Releasing old filters, held me back Last session with Jen worked on that ! Jen told me the effects will grow I am feeling things stir, fo sho I can feel I’m attracting’s in the air or is it my spirit guides I’m not sure what, how or why,… Read more “Attracting Abundance”

Jessica Jacobson-Hale‎

Insomnia cured!

If you have never done taps or have never heard of them, I highly recommend it. Here is an explanation of what it is and why it works. If I’m being honest I was skeptical of this technique and something inside me was keeping me from doing them. Then one day Jen Ward made a… Read more “Insomnia cured!”

Nicole Monique Miller

I feel so alive and ready for the world!


“Jen is truly gifted and amazing. Being a part of her weekly calls is a blessing and a time to connect with others and oneself. Jen is a part of my everyday meditation through her letters, writings, and taps. We can all benefit so much just from reading her words, however one is taken to… Read more “I feel so alive and ready for the world!”


Incredible Healing of my Hiatal Hernia

In a few minutes after asking Jen to post taps on hiatal hernia, I experienced a hot searing pain at the uppermost left section of my abdomen near my solar plexus. It was very localized and wow it hurt!!! Then, it stopped hurting in an instant. I was definitely relieved about that. Later in the… Read more “Incredible Healing of my Hiatal Hernia”

Kathy McClare

A Profound Experience


I just had the most profound experience this morning, based on my ongoing work with Jen. I first had a private session with Jen maybe 2 years ago. It was an unusual experience that I didn’t fully understand or appreciate at the time. However, much of what she said resonated and stayed with me, things… Read more “A Profound Experience”

Elyse Callahan

My Dog Rocco Has Chilled Out

I saw one of Jen’s taps about pets from a friend on Facebook. I did a few taps, three on his head and one on his back and I saw him change with my own eyes. Thank you, Jen! Rocco has noticeably chilled out.

Stephanie Perez

Releasing and Clearing Years of Pain

I was introduced to Jens work by my mother who had struck up a candid conversation with a woman on a train ride. This woman gave my mom Jen’s book “ENLIGHTENMENT UNVEILED”. That ‘random’ meeting started a series of wonderful healings for my mom, and one of our mutual friends, and now for me! My… Read more “Releasing and Clearing Years of Pain”

Lori Blacklidge Carty

Pure Love and a strong sense of HEALING ENERGY!

Our sweet eight year oldLab/Rottweiler, beautiful lady Inkki, was gravely ill. She was in so much pain she couldn’t walk. The Veterinarian put her on Prednisone which seemed to ease the pain ,but somehow worsened her condition as far as her will to live. I simply mentioned her name in a conversation with someone else… Read more “Pure Love and a strong sense of HEALING ENERGY!”

Lori L Blacklidge Carty


I had my first session about a year ago with Jen. I have had one phone session and attended two retreats. As a result, absolutely everything has shifted for me. My depression has lifted, my energy has increased, I have self-confidence, my relationships have improved, and I have hope again for the first time in… Read more “Truth”

Jen Baumgartner

The Anxious, Exciting, Nerve-Wracking, Confusing, Liberating Experience of Personal Growth

I met Jen Ward via the Internet, or, more specifically, Twitter; she was quoted by someone else I followed, and something in her quote caught my attention.  I decided to follow her, too.  This was in late December.  By mid-January, I had a feeling she could help me in my ongoing quest for spiritual understanding,… Read more “The Anxious, Exciting, Nerve-Wracking, Confusing, Liberating Experience of Personal Growth”

Jelaine Faunce

Mother’s Day 2017 Retreat


My first morning home from the Jenuine Healing Mother’s Day Retreat, and while daily life continues, the bliss and power that was present throughout the entire weekend is still present in me. I’ve been to plenty of workshops, but as far as bang for your buck goes… there is no comparison.  My only wish now… Read more “Mother’s Day 2017 Retreat”

Ben Tennant

Jen You Have Touched Me To The Core


Jen you have touched me to the core with all topics you create taps for. Whether they be for our earthly physical realm of heath, relationships, and politics or past life carry overs., Your truth, love and knowledge has resonated deeply within me on all levels. I feel more inspired that someone else thinks a… Read more “Jen You Have Touched Me To The Core”

Lesley Louise

My Experience with Jen Ward

For quite some time I have been feeling blocked and emotional — well, more emotional than normal, for I have always been sensitive and felt things deeply! I have been faced with some rather large life decisions, and I was to the point where I could not move on them in any direction. I was… Read more “My Experience with Jen Ward”

Andrea (@bellaluminara)

The Most Empowering Event In My Life

The retreat with Jen Ward was the most empowering event in my life to date. To witness that depth/level of Love, caring, and dedication for and to the empowerment of ALL of humanity is truly inspiring. I left there a stronger, better, more enlightened, empowered, awakened soul. I am grateful for that and will use… Read more “The Most Empowering Event In My Life”

Cathy Hall

I Work With Jen Consistently & She Keeps Me Coming Back For More


I work with Jen consistently and she keeps me coming back for more. She is the Real Deal! Though it took me a while to understand this energy work, it now feels more powerful every time. I’m always surprised by the insight into my own life that Jen brings to me. My time with Jen… Read more “I Work With Jen Consistently & She Keeps Me Coming Back For More”

Cam McDougall, Marine Engineer, MD

Jen Is What Her Website States


a “genuine healer” (or in terms of her website Jenuine Healing). I have been in contact with Jen for a couple of years, both in person and via e-mail and telephone. Although most people might not believe that she could connect with you through e-mail or telephone, I can say that her gifts are so… Read more “Jen Is What Her Website States”

Shanna, Syracuse University

Dear Jenuine

I am so fascinated by how accurate you are with your communication. You have been a true blessing in helping me see things a lot more clearly around me. Your feedback has really inspired me to look forward. You truly have a wonderful gift in the way you help people trying to find themselves, in… Read more “Dear Jenuine”

Patricia Kennedy, England

Insightful and Compassionate

Jen Ward is great to work with—amazingly insightful and compassionate! I expect to see her on Oprah one day soon!

Alyssa Foos

Happier, Lighter and Uplifted


No words could ever express my thoughts and the heartfelt appreciation and gratitude that I have for Jen Ward.  Jen has helped me with all aspects of my life, as well as all of my relationships with other people and God.  I was bogged down with stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, and depression, but now, thanks… Read more “Happier, Lighter and Uplifted”

Diane Marano, Kingsport, TN

Lost Cat


No words could ever express my thoughts and feelings for the heartfelt appreciation and gratitude that I have for Jen Ward.  Jen has helped me with all aspects of my life, as well as all of my relationships with other people and God.  I was bogged down with stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, and depression, but… Read more “Lost Cat”

Joni Thompson

I notice a REAL difference!

I’m going to be brutally honest. I had absolute doubt in doing the session. I was a real skeptic! However, I must say, without a doubt, I notice a REAL difference! I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel more confident in myself after the session in a way I have… Read more “I notice a REAL difference!”

Ron Peterson

Vacation help for my wife’s dog

One weekend my family and I were traveling on business. My wife decided to bring her dog, which she had adopted the previous year as a stray. When we got to the hotel in St. Louis, the dog was incredibly nervous, would not settle down, and was actively trying to escape us and run wild… Read more “Vacation help for my wife’s dog”

Ken Ring

Instantaneous Healing ~ a Miracle!


Jen is absolutely an AMAZING HEALER! I have had PAIN AND WEAKNESS in my arms and legs for the last two months, getting steadily worse and was living on pain meds that barely scratched the surface of the pain. Excruciating pain when I even tried to move my legs in bed at night. Doctors didn’t… Read more “Instantaneous Healing ~ a Miracle!”

Leslie Oliver

Jen helped save my marriage


I had a phone session with Jen and she literally helped save my marriage. The session was unlike anything I’d ever experienced and I’ll be honest it was a bit weird, but I will take weird any day with the outcomes I had. She helped me change my perception and see things as they really… Read more “Jen helped save my marriage”

Amy Waite

My Pet Bunny Jack

Hi my name is Kolton. A year and a half to two years ago I asked Jen Ward to help me and my pet bunny Jack. It was on a Friday. Jack had been my pet for 3 years. Then he started biting and my grandpa and dad said we had to turn him loose… Read more “My Pet Bunny Jack”


Jen is “The Healer’s Healer.”

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Jen on various personal physical, emotional and spiritual healing issues over the past 2 years. The “lightness” experienced afterwards is wonderful for she has literally extricated things that have been deeply imbedded for lifetimes. Relief and Release. I have referred my own clients and friends to… Read more “Jen is “The Healer’s Healer.””

Cindy Kerr RN The Health Diviner

There is nobody out there

There is nobody out there doing what Jen is doing. If you have a chance to attend one of her retreats, it’s a great way to learn and benefit from Jen. You get to spend two full days where she demonstrates healing and helps you move through energetic blocks; you feel like you are participating… Read more “There is nobody out there”

Therese A. Kravetz

Life Changing World Healer


Jen has helped myself and countless others around the world. She pours her entire being into healing the world both wholly and individually so that we can remember our true existence – which is that we are beings of Light and Sound. It is a journey to work with Jen, a journey back into love… Read more “Life Changing World Healer”

Chad Lewine


Meeting Jen and learning from her has been a life changing experience. Besides imparting her wisdom through her posts, books, workshops, individual and group phone sessions, she has helped me to develop a self-confidence to launch my life with greater purpose and exponential freedom. “Exponential” is part of my daily life now, and through Jen,… Read more “Manifesting”

Tina Mastellone-Chaput


When I set up my session with Jen Ward, my body was FULL OF PAIN. After one session, just ONE HOUR! the pain that was in my body is 95% gone ????

Rochelle Pines

A Remarkable Gift For Healing


I recently came across a woman, Jen Ward, who has a remarkable gift for healing. Because of her, I am finally able to “re-frame” a lot of issues in my mind that were totally crippling my life. To say I was skeptical when my fiance told me about her would be an understatement. I’m fairly… Read more “A Remarkable Gift For Healing”

Jason Brown
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