There is nobody out there doing what Jen is doing. If you have a chance to attend one of her retreats, it’s a great way to learn and benefit from Jen. You get to spend two full days where she demonstrates healing and helps you move through energetic blocks; you feel like you are participating in uplifting all of life. Jen is more than just taps–although the taps are lifesaving especially when she “prescribes” taps just for you–Jen is teaching those interested how to be free mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

From Jen, I have learned to be comfortable in my skin and can now think clearly when I speak in public. My relationship with my spouse has never been closer, more dear. I feel like I’m tapping back into that childlike trust and creativity that I always pined for.

Jen speaks and writes truth which she says has a similar frequency to love. If you want help, if you seek truth, or if you want more love in your life, read a book, sign up for her blog, have a session or come to the retreat. I have done all of the above and continue to because I see and feel my own connection to love and truth growing. Hope to see you there.

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