I’ve recently I used the Energetic Cleanse for several troubling situations and also for people with whom I’ve had “issues,” including my birth mother and a couple of “friends.”

One person was a woman who lived with me for two years while she was waiting for an apartment to open up in Senior Housing. Now, I know I’m not the easiest person to live with, and neither of us expected that she would be staying that long, but we parted on not so great terms … I felt used and manipulated.

A few weeks ago, I used her name during one of my sessions with the EC and today I ran into her a the bus stop. There was this beautiful flood of love flowing between us as our eyes met; and we hugged and assured one another, “WE’RE GOOD; We’re still friends!” She said she even had a dream where we would meet today … energetically, I had made a conscious effort to never cross paths again …

While I have no expectations of becoming BFF with this person, I am grateful and relieved that so much animosity on my part has been removed. I don’t think she was ever angry with me; she was probably afraid of my anger (based on some of her early history that she shared with me).

So, thank you so very much Jen Ward … I really appreciate the work you’re doing and I will continue to do the EC with other issues in my life.

Much Love and Many Blessings to You!
Cynthia L. Henderson

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