I was introduced to Jens work by my mother who had struck up a candid conversation with a woman on a train ride. This woman gave my mom Jen’s book “ENLIGHTENMENT UNVEILED”.

That ‘random’ meeting started a series of wonderful healings for my mom, and one of our mutual friends, and now for me! My Sweet husband had passed from this physical world two years ago. Sept. 29, 2016, and my mom thought Jen could help me deal with the unbearable grief, so I had an interesting session with her. She helped me to open my life back up and choose to continue to live. For years off and on, I was tolerating and trying to ignore a sharp almost constant pain in my rt. ovary, as well as back pain issues, and a lot of sharp random pains throughout my body.

This year, September 2018 the pain became unbearable. At the same time, my beautiful dog Inkki, started having issues with her back and could not walk! I contacted Jen, and she gave me insight on clearing out deep seated heavy emotions. It has only been a few days, and ALREADY I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! Inkki, is playing and running and moving like she is a young pup! (She is eight years old.) I am so grateful. The clearing of the pain, is a process that I must participate in, as I can feel myself becoming happier and more creative each time I go through the Energetic Cleanse.

I know that coincidental meeting on the train,several years ago was anything but “random”! I am filled with Gratitude. Thank you Jen, for your generosity of spirit, and for always sending out such a strong love current to all of us out here!!

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