The wonderful and unusual thing about working with Jen is that you deal with issues you don’t share with anyone in your day to day life. That makes giving a testimonial challenging because sharing means that you open up about things you aren’t normally willing to talk about.

Since working with Jen, she has helped me with the difficult challenge of loosing a parent and the after math that comes with that. She has helped me after failed relationships, with moving, all of life’s stressors. During life’s difficult transitions, Jen has never minimized, diminished or made me feel judged and in the process I removed my own self-judgment. Struggles are made easier. She untangles issues, while healing you emotional, physically and mentally. You might be held to a higher standard than any other relationship in your life but you rise to that new level with her assistance.

One session with Jen is hundreds of thousands of hours worth of standard therapy. If you are lucky enough to work with Jen you will shred unhelpful layers and become the you, you always knew you could be.

Relationships get healed. After 38 years, I’m finally in touch with my birth mom. The miracles that occur with working with Jen are amazing. People who didn’t think they could become pregnant, didn’t think they could shed an addiction, who lose or gain weight for the first time ever…

Making the decision to work with Jen can feel huge because it is. Your life will change and for the better. Gift yourself! You deserve it!

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