Hi my name is Kolton. A year and a half to two years ago I asked Jen Ward to help me and my pet bunny Jack. It was on a Friday. Jack had been my pet for 3 years. Then he started biting and my grandpa and dad said we had to turn him loose into the woods. I was afraid for him. I didn’t know if he would be able to survive since he had been a pet his whole life. Jen Ward said she would help. She made special noises and put a protective bubble around Jack. Then Jen told him how to survive in the woods. Jen helped me get over my fears of turning him out into the woods. When the day came to let Jack go I was sad for myself but knew he would be ok. I knew Jen had given him the tools to survive. Two weeks later I talked to Jen and she told me she had checked in on Jack and that he was happy. I was happy too!! Thank you again Jen Ward for your help and love

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