No words could ever express my thoughts and feelings for the heartfelt appreciation and gratitude that I have for Jen Ward.  Jen has helped me with all aspects of my life, as well as all of my relationships with other people and God.  I was bogged down with stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, and depression, but now, thanks to Jen, I feel happier, lighter, and uplifted!  Jens’ knowledge, experience, and insight is amazing, and the realm of her help is priceless.  Jen’s unique gifts and style have affirmed my belief, faith and trust in God, for she is truly a God-send.  The first time I spoke with Jen I was amazed about how much she knew about me and my personality without even knowing me.  She has helped me to heal from past trauma. She has increased my spirituality and my window to the world.  Recently my cat of 5 years , Rembi, was missing. We went out day after day searching for him and to no avail.

I started thinking the worst. Then I called Jen. She told me my cat was still alive, and missing me, but was disoriented. She used her abilities and was able to communicate with my cat.  Nine days later my Rembi shocked me when he returned home.  He had lost weight and was weak, but he had enough energy to find his way back home! It was truly a miracle!  My life is better with Jen in it, and I have yet to meet her.  She has become my rock. She is extremely generous and thoughtful.  Jen is an amazing person with incredible abilities and my life is better because of her.

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