a “genuine healer” (or in terms of her website Jenuine Healing). I have been in contact with Jen for a couple of years, both in person and via e-mail and telephone. Although most people might not believe that she could connect with you through e-mail or telephone, I can say that her gifts are so incredible that she absolutely can! Whether I am having trouble with school, relationships, work or anything that seems to be bringing me down, she helps me to find the root of the problem in my personal energy. She gives me words of advice, as well as techniques to help my energy to flow in its natural state, so that I can return back to feeling content with my life. After speaking with her, not only does my mind feel a release, but my actual, physical body does as well. I feel lighter, my mind feels clearer and I am collected both mentally and physically. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have been able to work with Jen and her incredible gifts. She has time and time again, helped me to lift up my own spirits and to establish myself as a well and energetic person and I am forever grateful.

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