Jen is absolutely an AMAZING HEALER! I have had PAIN AND WEAKNESS in my arms and legs for the last two months, getting steadily worse and was living on pain meds that barely scratched the surface of the pain. Excruciating pain when I even tried to move my legs in bed at night. Doctors didn’t help. I contacted Jen to see if she could help me and she was on it immediately. She gave me special taps to do, and did her healing energy work and within minutes most of the pain disappeared and I felt lifted energetically. That night I slept like a baby and could move my legs all around with NO pain at all. It had been hard to get up and down and I’d been walking very slowly because of the pain. This was just a few days ago, and now I ride the bike in the gym and go on 20 to 30 minute ‘power walks’ and can walk as fast as usual. This is a true miracle! It’s so great to feel like myself again! And Jen is so incredibly generous of heart and spirit. She lives her Truth. Thank you, Jen, for this beautiful healing! You are a true inspiration to what we all can aspire to be! Love you!

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