In a few minutes after asking Jen to post taps on hiatal hernia, I experienced a hot searing pain at the uppermost left section of my abdomen near my solar plexus. It was very localized and wow it hurt!!! Then, it stopped hurting in an instant. I was definitely relieved about that. Later in the day, I habitually massaged the hiatal hernia in vain hope it’d quell its physical torment of my insides. It’s been decades!! At that moment, I realized it was GONE! I began pressing deeper and lower and …no hernia!!

What?!?! I was so elated! Speechless… which is hard to do for me haha!

I shared this occurrence immediately on this post, knowing full well Jen was (is) the conduit, the facilitator, the healer, that put in motion my healing. It can be no other!! I THEN received the taps she wrote and, upon Jen’s encouragement to still do them even though I was healed, the Taps had a profound effect on me still! Even the sound of my voice changed – it was softer, less thin sounding (?), and I felt truly HEARD & understood inside out – not from her standpoint but my OWN!

Each tap she wrote was the life I held in, kept out, hid, longed for, feared, missed, was hurt by and loved. I will continue to do these taps knowing full well, the power within us is of infinite proportion. Jen is clearly able to see, connect with…and help us heal. Tapping is a healing process and so is being healed by being open to it, so when she does her work, it is lovingly fulfilled in each of us.

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