I attended an event hosted by Jen Ward recently. Any description I could give wouldn’t properly convey what goes on in these events, but I feel like I got what would have taken years of traditional therapy to resolve in a weekend. Jen doesn’t want to hear your story or the details of what happened, rather she has an empathic ability to see what is going on with you, dig deep into the root causes and behaviors which have gotten you there, and pull them out for you to see. We are all heavily shaped by past experiences, relationships, often in ways which are both subtle and not visible to ourselves, and silently shaping our actions. We often try to protect these scars as well, as they have shaped us in ways that make us who we are. But ultimately these scars do not serve us, and need to be ripped off so that we can heal the wounds and move forward in our lives. If you are at a crossroad in your life, or just need a tune up, I recommend giving it a try.


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