I just had the most profound experience this morning, based on my ongoing work with Jen. I first had a private session with Jen maybe 2 years ago. It was an unusual experience that I didn’t fully understand or appreciate at the time. However, much of what she said resonated and stayed with me, things that I knew I needed to deal with in order to move forward. I would inbox her now and again when I felt lost, something compelled me to deeply trust her work, even though I harbor a certain amount of mistrust in the spiritual community (based on previous experiences). She is always very responsive, which I appreciated. She shared her tapping method and I began using the energetic cleanse almost daily. This caused me to become “sick” with what I can only describe as sticky, energetic residue from trying to process letting go of some many old patterns. I felt congested, blocked and sluggish. Jen helped with this and said to continue tapping. This morning, I tapped on releasing the need for approval and acceptance when I became physically ill and expelled the blockage. I finished the tapping session, despite this and I am now free! It physically left my body and left me feeling lighter, uplifted and clarity of purpose. It was the thing preventing me from moving forward, it was an energetic exorcism. Jen is here to help us in the physical realm, she guided me to move what did not belong inside me, to the outside. She is here to guide us on our path. You will benefit from working with her and I can not recommend her highly enough.
I am deeply grateful for finding her.

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