I recently came across a woman, Jen Ward, who has a remarkable gift for healing. Because of her, I am finally able to “re-frame” a lot of issues in my mind that were totally crippling my life. To say I was skeptical when my fiance told me about her would be an understatement. I’m fairly open-minded but it took me six months before I finally booked an appointment with a “sound healer” – but I was blown away at how much we were able to work through in less than two hours! I’ve been to traditional counselors, Christian counselors, military counselors, psychics, energy healers, hypnotists, counselors of various other religions – you name it – I’ve tried it. They all helped to various degrees, but I was amazed at the progress and emotional release I experienced with one session with this lady. I have found someone to help me overcome the obstacles that I’ve constructed for myself over the years and I am looking forward to finally living the life that was intended for me. I’m not sure I’ve ever been this excited about living! (Jen, if you see this, your method still seems a bit crazy to me lol, but it DEFINITELY works! 😉 Thank you!!!)

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