All the memories that you have ever had are pipelines to experiences that are still happening in the now. Everything is happening in the now. Instead of trying to wrap the mind around that, try envisioning that you in the now is a hub that runs pipelines to all that you have ever experienced; regardless if you remember it or not.

Right now, in the moment, envision a perpetual floodgate of divine love pouring into you from every direction and angle. See the divine love saturating the you that you are now and also flooding into every one of those pipe lines. Any experience that you remember when you were sad, in need, helpless or feeling disconnected, see the love gushing through the pipeline of that experience. See it flooding the you that you were then with incredible divine love until they are completed happy, healthy. content and whole.

Do this with every single pipeline. You don’t have to remember each one to realize that you are saturating every other time and place. See the divine love saturate all the pipe lines until you realizing that you are bringing all those different experiences into the now with divine love. You are stretching your awareness of the now to encompass all of the other experiences until the now encompasses everything.

Expand your vantage point from the hub and stretch out your overview to include every single pipe line to every experience. If you want to, you can go back into any pipe line to you in pain and fix it by pouring the love into it. Learn to toggle between the hub, each pipe line and the overview of all. This exercise is developing you in ways that you will enjoy discovering on you own.

You are developing and experiencing your own, omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence.

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