Imagine that we all have a light within. When we are doing what we love, or we are sharing our gifts or simple acts of kindness, our light is shining at full capacity. When we are shining our light, we have the opportunity to ignite the light of everyone we meet.

When you interact with others, you can begin to tell if their light is on or not. Listening, acknowledging others who are over looked, appreciating the small kindnesses of others, encouraging them to share their gifts or validating them are all ways to nudge their light on.

The goal has never been to have the brightest light to blind others and make them cringe. The goal has never been to have others admire your light at the risk of neglecting their own. The goal has never been to diminish the light of others so that you appear to shine brighter.

The goal has ALWAYS been for everyone to shine. The light of others does not diminish the brilliance of your own. It enhances it. You shine even more brightly when you encourage the brilliance of others.

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