When the television and computer are turned off, and it is fairly quiet, pay attention to the sounds around you. Get the sense of their girth. Visualize what kind of line a sound would be if you were to decipher it that way. The refrigerator may be a thinly drawn line with a fine point pen. A plow in the far background would be a thick line of a crayon drawn on rough paper.

Get a sense of the sounds around you, see if you can feel them bounce against you or pass by your borders. Do they bombard you, bounce off, or blend?

Do you know how when you drop a bunch of ping-pong balls together, they will start bouncing at the same height? It is like they all averaged out? It is like this with sound as well. It is like blending different notes of music to make a vibration.  We do this as people. The people who are into power and control are loud and obtrusive sound. It is interesting that so many of us that are peaceful stay silent. But we can still be helpful as sound beings.

In contemplation, see yourself as a small globe of pure sound sitting where you are in the world. Look at the vantage point of the place you are in as ordinary except for one round globe of absolute contained purity present in the setting. See your borders as contained. Now visualize you getting bigger and expanding the drop of purity that you are until it fills the entire space. See everything calmed and touched by the purity that is you as you expand yourself to be bigger.

Make yourself as big as the town you live in; all the time having your borders contained but seeing your purity transform everything within your orb into purity. Expand yourself to a whole city. Get a sense of the other pure orbs and feel how easier it is to expand when there are more of them.

Expand your orb as much as possible while still being contained. If you feel tangled energy come in or chaos, stay at that point and calm it. Try to expand to the size of the earth and encompass the whole world in your purity. If you feel unsafe at any point, just make your orb small again. It is less important to be big and more important to be pure and contained. Make certain not to put any opinions or thoughts on what purity is or it isn’t purity. The only perception is the absence of chaos.

Your presence matters in the world. Your beautiful conscious existence is a magnificent gift to all. The more you see yourself and all in this way, the more that you and I manifest well-being for all. This is a much more effective way to benefit all than posting images of atrocities on your page. That has the opposite effect. If you want to raise awareness, this is how it is done; by lending your purity to help others find purity.

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