Some of us are very old souls. We have lived a very long time. We have awakened to our past and have come to terms with the incredible journey that we have been on. We have fought hard, died many times in battle and have worked on healing deep gouges of physical, emotional and mental wounds created in war. We have fought for noble causes, rallied at war cries, buried our brethren and went limping and hollow back to a memory of a home that no longer exists. We have felt the exuberance of the kill, the devastation of annihilation, the immorality of having our woman raped, children killed, dignity stripped, defeat, slavery,, genocide and corruption. It all makes peace taste so sweet.

There are factions in the word that don’t quite have their taste for such adventure satiated quite yet. They are as we once were; still eager for the exchanges that war brings; the promise of greatness, the thrill of power, the appeasement of God. They love their children, consider their cause noble, hold God as sacred and wish to have a better life. They are merely lacking the incredible rich layers of experience that some of us have, that causes the thought of war to be bitter to us. They do not have the layers upon layers of centuries of fighting in the crusades under their belt. They have not spiritually matured because of this lack.

Here is the technique: In contemplation, get a sense of the incredible amount of experience that you have had with war stored in your Akashic records. Our Akashic records are the memories of everything that we have experienced stored within us. Some see them as photos or index cards or a museum of images that one can walk into. Get a sense of the vastness of your own depth of actual memories of war. Get a sense of how tiring the process is. Feel the heaviness of that tired journey of surviving on your last tank of “who gives a shit”, when someone wants to get you to fight for a cause. Feel the totality of all that you have endured.

Now….since we are all connected, See all your memories as liquid wisdom and completeness. All the lifetimes that you have lived, fought and died mixed into a liquid brew of never wanting to do it one more time. Now pour this heaviness into all those pockets of the world where the are still revved up to fight. Just keep feeding them your wisdom in the form of sharing piles and piles of your causal records. Just keep pouring your experiences into them. It is a form of love. It is a form of sharing. Keep piling it on and piling it on until they get satiated with your memories.

Pouring your memories of all that you have endured, into those who still wish to fight will help them and all. It will fill them with the experiences that they want without having to visit war on us who are done with it. The earth has experienced the darkening of war many times over. It has had enough of the blood soaked scorched land. Lend all your memories to the cause of satiating this craving. Lets do this so earth can finally move on and start experiencing the wonder of absolute peace and unity that is possible for all.

This has always been the key to peace. Individuals have always held the power to hold a greater space for love and kindness in the world, that nothing else can touch it. We have only been deceived of the opposite. Now is the time to break the illusion and return to a greater experience of Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness for all. This technique is a way to share the love; not in a warm and fuzzy way but an effective kick ass approach to giving what is needed for the betterment of all.

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