Choose ten great souls that inspire you and why. Use them as a benchmark to what you too can attain. What one can do, another can do. Strive to surpass them all. Instead of thinking of greatness as an abstract concept, think of it as an attainable goal for all. Hold others to the highest standard as well.

1) Mr Rogers -His kindness

2) Mother Theresa -Her service

3) Robert Mueller – his integrity

4) Princess Di -Her kind presence

5) Michael Jackson -His talent

6) Oprah -Her influence

7) Martin Luther King- His work for equality

8) Gandhi -His Method

9) Tom Steyer- his cause

10) Paul Newman- His Giving Back

(please don’t judge my list. It’s my list)

Great souls started out as average people who Loved, Gave, Worked and Dreamed outside of Convention. There is a great soul inside every single one of us. Great souls don’t look around to see what everyone else is doing. They live by higher standards, give in greater measures and love with a greater capacity.

Think of a person in your life who best reflects the qualities above back to you.

In Contemplation:

Visualize the ten people on your list not as people but ten currents of water in a stream. They flow in and out of each other and intermingle. They, combined their forces and create a effervescent, loving, powerful flow of energy while still maintaining their individuality. Now visualize yourself as a person wading into the river to swim. Start swimming with the current and visualizing yourself morphing into a current of the river as well. Sense the currents of the ten people both individually and combined while still maintaining theirs and your individuality and yet interweaving with the others. Keep flowing until you sense the other currents falling away, and you being the whole river.

Invite the person from your life to witness you in the river and encourage them to share their gifts and dive into their own river. (never, never visualize more than inviting them) Maybe share this technique with them. Feel the vibrancy of the river. Get a sense of other souls walking at the edge of it and being encouraged to use their gifts as well (don’t visualize who the are. that is their business). Pan out until you see the river as wider and bigger and flowing past all the billions of people of the earth.

Feel the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness of the river. See it, see you, flowing into the heart of Love, becoming, Lighter, more expansive and ever more pure. Feel more Love mixing into the River until you become love itself. Be the River, be the Love. Be Love itself.

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