Fat in the body is made of of a string of carbon molecules. Did you know that carbon has the energetic component of repulsions? It is it’s purpose …to keep others away. To be repulsed when looking at yourself may be no more you, than merely identifying with the atoms. That is their job. That is not yours. Your job is to love and empower yourself.

When you look in the mirror, imagine that it is a hundred years ago when weight on the body was considered attractive. Shift your vantage point. When you can shift your vantage point, it will be easier to accept yourself. When you accept yourself, it will be easier to be present with yourself instead of seeing yourself from the emotional vantage point of the cells; which is a primal emotion and not rational.

When you are present with yourself, you are empowered. Being empowered is no small victory. To be empowered is to be proud of yourself. So when you look in the mirror, learn to be proud of yourself for all that you are. If you could see the whole journey that you have endured, you would be much more kinder to yourself. And in turn you will be much kinder to others as well.

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