There are so many incredible people here that I truly connect with in a sacred place of Divine Love. Here is a technique to nurture Love in the world (I Am doing this technique as I write this, see if you feel it )

Visualize yourself as an hub of Love as exuberant as a star burst and as consistent as a pure. loving, emanating Sun. See yourself connected to other loving Hubs through a network system. Only see and resonate with the love. Experience yourself roll into yourself and perpetually purify yourself with the intensity and sanctity of unsullied, sacred intention. Feel yourself emanate with a loving flow that wishes only to share such splendor. Send that Love out to all the other infinite hubs that you see connected to you through the inner channels.

See them ignite even brighter and emanate with such profound loving intensity that they perpetuate the loving intention and send it out to all they Love through inner channels. Only focus on the highest Love. Have no motive. Don’t try to uplift people or even see them as people with physical concerns; only focus on the Love. Notice the Love burn off all need, want and pettiness of purpose.

Watch the Love charge all the other hubs of Love until the whole universe is immersed in an even brighter Light and love. See even the dimmest, densest hubs start to glow in smoldering embers until they ignite from within into a bounty of love that dissipates all the dross that was holding it encased.

Feel the incredible intensity in the sanctity of this experience. Be grateful that you have the ability and capacity to Love with both passion and intent. Send the completeness of your Joy out into the network until it returns to you in the state of all being saturated with Joy as well. Whenever you are feeling too human, come to this inner place and regenerate your connection to spontaneous Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness.

Realize you are never alone. You are one of many and we all encourage and uplift from within. Love is always uplifting and expanding itself. This is the joy of service and of being perpetually “In Love”.

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