Technique for Someone Who Confronts You:

When someone is annoyed at you and confronts you for something that they are passionate about, the primal response is to be defensive. Being defensive is a primal urge. It is important to learn to advance beyond primal urges and knee jerk reactions. It is also important to learn to stay in your center and not retreat out of need to be polite or fear of confrontation.

When someone is annoyed with you, search your memory banks for when you were annoyed in a similar way. That is meeting them on equal ground. DON’T SAY YOU UNDERSTAND until you have done this. If you do, that is patronizing and very offensive. It comes off arrogant and condescending. People are savvy enough to know the difference.

Once you do understand the stance the other party, explain in a clear and concise way, how you went from that point of view that you were at, to your present one. Take them on a quick journey with you so they can now meet you on at the point you are at. It is that simple. What you are really doing is folding time and space between the two of you so you can be in agreement if you choose to be.

It is a wonderful exercise in compassion, and self empowerment. Please try it and feel how it can shift any disagreement into being on common ground.

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