If people understood the mechanism of chakras, maybe the concept of them wouldn’t seem so strange. Some may know them as just little circles that are color coded to each area of the body. Maybe it doesn’t make sense how wearing a color or focusing on a particular color can benefit one’s health. So I thought I would share my understanding of chakras.

Have you ever seen how cotton candy is made? There is a huge circular tub with a large metal wand that distributes a fine fluff along the outer edge of the tub. This is the visual I used to understand how energy is collected and funneled into the body.

A chakra is an energy funnel that uses very subtle electromagnetic attraction to draw energy into the body and feed it to the glands where it can be processed for particular uses. Since the energy vortexes don’t rely o gravity to funnel energy in, they can still work when they are on their side. So each chakra is made up of at least four funnels that draw energy into that particular area of the body.

Since Light comes in all colors, it makes sense that each color has a different quality to it; or a different vibration. Each chakra attracts an energy of a different vibration. The root chakra, which is located at the base of the pubic bone, collects energy that has the vibration of the color red. This color has it’s own characteristics and benefits for the body. And so when someone senses your root chakra is not working, they will suggest that you attract more energy that vibrates as red to you by thinking of or wearing red.

This happens for every chakra of the body. Many people think that there is only 7 chakras. But I know there to be 9. There is a chakra above the head and one below the feet. These chakras are located at where our energy field begins and are vital to feeding energy into the system, maintaining our boundaries and keeping us plugged into the Universe as an energetic system. All are a vital part of our health.

Since all bodily functions rely on the energy we receive from air, water and food, it isn’t so far fetched to realize that maintaining a healthy chakra system is vital to our health as well. And since energy follows thought, by visualizing the chakra system as operating properly, we can help detect glitches in our own energy system and repair them with our own loving intention.

Here is a technique: In contemplation, visualize these cone-like energy systems of your own body. Scan your body and get a sense of which ones may not be functioning well. Visualize fixing them by any visual that is helpful: saturate them with the correlating color, imagine adjusting the cone or even visualize pulling out dark energy that may be plugging it up.

As you go through your day, pay attention to your chakras and tune into them to visualize them functioning well. Pay attention to what colors you are attracted to to give you a clue to what chakras are working well and which ones need some attention.

Then the next time you hear someone talk about chakras, you will have a working understanding of what they are trying to convey and it won’t seem quite so abstract.

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