Have a long heart to heart talk with your fat cells. Thank them for protecting you when you were feeling vulnerable. Tell them that you are strong now and can take care of yourself. Give them permission to shrink down in stature, recede to the background and sleep.

Have a talk with your muscle cells. Give them a pep talk. See them as a little regime of soldiers that have gone soft and undisciplined. Line them up at attention and see them training to be a strong force in the body. See them as strong marines.

Have a talk with your excretory cells. See them as a waste management company. Have a meeting with them that they need to be more efficient. Tell them that they are leaving waste on the streets. Stamp each cell with the little logo of a waste management company on them so that they know their job.

Have a talk with the public transport system of your body. This is all the veins and arteries carrying blood through the body. Tell them that they have been missing stops on the route and to make sure that every molecule of oxygen is carried to its rightful destination and all toxins are removed from the system.

Have a talk with your heart. Apologize for overworking it and taking it for granted. Explain that you are going to remove the extra fat cells around its encampment and the muscle cells are going to step up to the plate to assist it in doing its job.

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