Technique to Turn Chaos into Celestial Music

The frequency of Love is 528 Hz. There are recordings of it on the internet. Create a CD of it. Play it in the Background loud enough to hear it but low enough so it disappears in the background. Put it on continuous play. Remember what it sounds like as a single tone because; if you are sensitive; it will change to the most beautiful music.

You may have to do a double take many times to remember that when you turned the CD player on, it was just a single tone. The music may elicit such reverence and peace of the most sacred holidays. The music will be rich and round and expansive. It may take several hours, but hopefully you will experience this. The pets and the environment will feel calmer and more harmonious.

This is a great way to bring harmony into the home because everyone’s and everything’s atoms will be resonating similarly. If there is noise from the neighborhood that is intrusive, notice how the music creates a buffer from it. You may also sense a positive cohesiveness in the space outside of you home as well.

I would Love to hear people’s positive experiences with it.

One Comment on “Technique to Turn Chaos into Celestial Music

Ann Partin
January 7, 2014 at 3:22 pm

Amazing information! Many years ago I started playing a CD with Monk’s chanting. After awhile not only I, but my son could hear the music even when it wasn’t on!

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