Technique to Speed Recovery Time

When we feel pain, have problems or are sick, our natural tendency is to shut down our energy. We close it down naturally and curl up in a ball. We introvert, feel sorry for ourselves and focus on the issue. This delays recovery time.

The way to get over whatever we are going through more quickly is to keep our energy field open as much as possible. Rest; yes. Take care of yourself; yes. But do it in a positive manner. Instead of lamenting about whatever is happening, see this as the Universe sending a message; giving a hint about the present course of action or helping you shift your priorities slightly.

When we can see what ever comes as a blessing, we remain fluid. We are a pipeline of divine love. Gratitude, acceptance, and flexibility keep the love flowing. Complaining, over reacting, and focusing on the issue, close down the pipeline. Our well-being depends on being as fluid as possible. This takes some self-discipline to shift our focus and practice the spiritual law of silence.

The result is well worth the work.

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