Technique to Shrink Cysts, Masses, and Tumors

Imagine Love as a warmth that permeates the body. See the thickness in the body as a coldness that is lacking the love. Maybe see them as ice pellets. Visualize pouring warm soothing love into the body from an infinite source. Saturate the body with love until it is brimming over. Feel it get warmer and warm. It is almost hot. See the Love bigger and the body littler. See the Love melt all the thicknesses in the body and continue doing this until the whole body is liquid nurturing love. Visualize the body becoming permeated in the love so that it is immersed and saturated in the Love.

Make it routine to think of Love in filling your body in this way. Know that your mind is making this intention a priority. Be confident and feel secure in the beneficial state of this love. Every time you want to talk about the cold, repeat the visualization until it becomes your mainstay. This will empower you to stay imbued in the love.

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