Technique to Satiate the Love Starved

In contemplation, visualize the world from afar with all the people of the world as the surface area. See the people who are loved as rounded little domes amongst the masses. See those who are love starved as little divots in the surface of the earth.

In your meditation, visualize pouring love into the earth. Get a sense of how porous it is due to the love starved people. As you saturated the world with Love, watch how it absorbs it, similar to how a plant absorbs moisture when you water it. Keep pouring your love into the planet with all the little divots in the world plumping up and becoming domes. Make certain not to focus on anyone in particular. Just pour it into everyone.

If there are any crevices, gullies or receding areas in the earth surface, pour love into all of them. Know that love is not water and you are not flooding the earth with water. Love is love. Water is water. Sense the world plumping up with Love!

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