Technique to Remove the Void

Notice that the title of this post doesn’t say “fill” the void. That is something many of us are trying to do. We eat when we aren’t hungry. We shop when not necessary. We stay in a relationship out of restlessness and not wanting to be alone. These are all ways to fill in the void. But the void could be a cavern; a bottomless pit. There may not be enough experiences to ever fill it.

Next time you feel that emptiness within, instead of trying to fill it with exterior items, take a few moments to try this technique:

See yourself as an orb of light. What does that look like? Is it perfectly rounded and filled with emanations of light and love? Or is part of it misshapen, cracked, or hollow? When you get a sense of the orb, reshape it with your intention to be perfectly round or oval. Visualize filling in all cracks by pouring divine Love into them. Do you get a sense of an evenly contained orb?

If there is a hollow center, visualize a huge syringe and stick it into the orb and suck out the void (make certain it is only the void). Pull out the syringe and empty it into a river of Light and Love. As you exasperate the void, notice the sides, which are made of divine love, and fill in where the void was. The mind will maybe make a trick of seeing a smaller void, and obsess over it being there. If that happens, just use another smaller syringe with a long nozzle so that all of the void can be removed.

Make doing this technique an easy go-to during the day when you are feeling vulnerable or unloved.

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