Technique to Love Those Who Have Crossed

If you have lost a pet or a person and want to give them love, send it to them by pouring love into those you have access to. It will be received by ones who have crossed over by using your tangible connections as a conduit and a surrogate.

Love is not linear so when you give it out, if you will allow, it will seep into every fiber of every being around you; especially when you recognize its nature. This technique is like using your concept of Love as a jumping off point to understand and realize the vastness and depth of Love.

The ah-ha moment comes when you realize that you don’t have to send love or have any intention for it. All we have to do is Love and recognize ourselves sitting in a pool of Love that saturates every aspect of our own being-ness. That pool can flow farther and farther out until one realizes that your love is more like a vast ocean that engulfs the whole world, and the heavens too.

As well; all reside in your pool of love; which is their pool too. The more others consciously add their intention to “the pool” the more it will vibrate with Joy. It will expand so that others can dare to consciously Love. This is how all souls everywhere get uplifted.

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