Technique to Drop the Hate

You know that feeling of strongly disliking someone? It feels different from loving someone. Think about people you love. Pay attention to how expansive and free that feels in the body. Then think of someone you hate. Get a sense of how that creates a locked up feeling within you. WITHIN YOU!

Take control. It is your energy that is responding in that way. Without thought or feeling being invoked, just change the sensation within yourself from locked to expansive. It is that simple. It is similar to relaxing after holding a breath. It can be that simple. Master your own energy system. You are more than your judgement or your mind. You can love beyond all rationale, Just make the shift.

Once you get a sense of the shift. You can do it with anything. Think of things to react to so you can shift them. It is a powerful tool for being “in Love”.

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