Technique to Dissipate Coarse Negativity

Those who want to control others are increasing the stakes. They have a limited bag of tricks, but their one consistent tool is fear. I was watching the news last night to see what areas of the world need love. Apparently all the money, lives and effort we spent in bringing peace to Iraq was a waste. It was not done with detachment. Detachment is a spiritual principle that states that when you do anything and do it with detachment, then you get out its way to allow the best outcome for all. Otherwise, it is more struggle for control.

What we actually did by feeding so many resources into the Middle East is that we fed negativity with our attention, fear, and the desire for control (an outcome). Negativity wants us to be dependent on crude oil so that we can be fearful and to draw our attention. Negativity wants us to be engaged in fighting and vested in things that would dry up easily otherwise.

If it wasn’t our trumped-up dependency on crude oil, that country would not have war supplies, guns, wealth and passports to our country. Negativity does not fall along borders. Negativity wants us to demonize the whole country instead of seeing that negativity does not run along state lines. There are good people trapped in the madness, that just want to have a good life, love their families and exist in peace. Those who have a vested interest in war, oil sellers, gun sellers, military supply companies are the ones feeding the cause and our fear.

The thought that negativity wants to attach fear to and have us run amok with is this: that evil will get to the American borders. Negativity is already here. We have children dying during their school day. Evil is here. It comes as a rallying war cry to defend America on one hand and sells killing machines with the other. It wants to rally us into a fear frenzy right into its cold dark heart of negativity.

Here is the technique: there is a Spiritual Principal that “like attracts like”. So let’s all bow out of being involved. Let’s all keep our thoughts and attention on such a high place, the negativity in the world finds itself and it cancels itself out. Let’s starve out the negativity, just like you would starve a fire.

This is how we will make a difference in the world. Please don’t donate another ounce of fear, blame or demonizing a whole culture. That just lowers your vibratory rate to an “us vs them” model and keeps all of us trapped in a lower vibration.

Visualize the earth as a Light Globe of ever-increasing love. The Love is light and buoyant. Visualize warring factions as little veins of heavy dark matter. Visualize them finding each other and creating a ball that is too heavy to be on the earth and just drops out. Visualize all the little tiny veins all over the planet pooling into little beads and dropping off the face of the earth. When you hear a statement that is meant to create fear or a similar reaction, just go to the visualization in your mind and see it drop off of the earth.

Please do this! Please share this! Please teach your children to do this! It can work on the earth, in a classroom, office etc. Transcend all and stay in Love. Love is the new black. Love is the New Earth. Love is the wave of the future. You will see manifestations of love in innovative inventions, resource saving solutions and in general kindness.

I see it every day. So can you.

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