Technique to Counter Worry

Make a mental list of some of your favorite experiences. When the mind starts to focus on negative issues, catch it as soon as possible and mock-up a reenactment of one of your fondest memories. Be as thorough as you can with the memory to bring the joy and peace of it into the present moment. Have a running list of experiences handy to draw from. Use as many sensations, positive feelings, and uplifting thoughts as possible.

By doing this, you will be training the mind to be helpful. You will be showing it what types of experiences that you want to have more of. The mind wants to be helpful. It gives you worry because it thinks that is what you want to focus on. It is trying to help. By referencing a list of happy experiences, you will be training it to habitually be in joy and peace.

Here are some suggestions to jog the memory:

A favorite sunrise
Being in love
Saying “I love you” for the first time
Christmas or an equivalent holiday
A particular snowfall
a loving interaction
A time you shined
a peaceful storm
A time you were validated
holding your child/pet
doing what you love
a wish that came true
the feel of being near the ocean
the smell of cut grass
the warmth of being by a crackling fire
the satisfaction after a feast
when you felt beautiful/ accomplished/ rich
the last day of school

Only stay in the good part of experiences. Some people have habitually trained themselves to think negatively so they will take the experience to a negative. Only run through experiences that are pleasant. Cut it off in your mind if you find yourself digressing and immediately go back to the beginning of the experience or on to another one. This is about self-discipline and empowerment; not a an exercise in remembering just for the sake of remembering.

It is okay to rewrite the script. Meaning if you are thinking of an experience that started out well but may have ended badly, rewrite the ending so that the memory stays positive. It is all about raising your frequency to Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom.

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