Technique to Assist Shelter Pets in Finding New Homes

I was asked to tune into a shelter of dogs to help them get adopted. What I uncovered was something that could help so many other pets get homes. You know how people gravitate to the pet that comes up to them? The pets that don’t go up to try to interact with the people are in a state of apathy. They are so emotionally scarred that they figure, “What is the point?”

If anyone works at a shelter, try this technique:

Talk to all the dogs in your mind. Explain to them the process. That when people come in to look at them, instead of being mopey and sitting in a corner, they have to sell themselves. Give the dogs the information and the tools to understand the process and be an active part of cooperating.

Dogs LOVE jobs. It gives them purpose. Tell them that their job is to impress the humans that comes through that door and to be nice to other dogs too. That humans like it when you are nice to the other dogs. Maybe pick out an unusual sad sack and see if your advice doesn’t get through. This information and the receptivity to implementing it could help many more shelter residents find homes.

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