Technique: How to be a Hero in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Have you ever been invalidated, humiliated, mocked, scorned or rejected? This is the underlying experience of most of the lone gunman who commit horrific acts on society. In them, it is perpetual and systemic.

We can continue to demonize them all as mentally ill and chastise the “system” for allowing them to fall through the cracks. We can stand by helpless as we watch the power mongers link owning a gun with patriotism to get the most out of their rhetoric. We can watch while they continue to hand out guns like candy. Or we can address the issue on an energetic level so as not to feel so helpless.

Go to that feeling of being invalidated and rejected. This feeling multiplied many times and continually is what it takes to lash out in such a devastating way. Use your understanding of such pain as a conduit to connect with all the lone souls out there who are feeling this way. There are so many more than you may think. DON’T GO INTO THE THOUGHT-PROCESS OR FEELINGS. Go in a very detached way. Go to all of them at once. Make your love and intention expansive enough to do so.

Energetically go to them and pour incredible love, compassion and encouragement into them. They are backed against the wall in a society that gives them no value. Put out the fire of their anguish with love and kindness. Use your love to diffuse future incidences.

You will never know who they are. You will never know what good you do. You will never get a pat on the back or a thank you. But you, simply armed with your love and compassion can be a true hero. Have you ever heard of one of these scenarios and thought that you wish you could be there to grab the gun out of the assailants hand? This is your way to do so.

Until those who profit from gun sales lose their grip of control on the psyches of the majority, this is a way to assist the “cause” in keeping the fatality numbers down.

I know the mentality of those is power. When I was a schoolgirl, my teacher at the time said that by the year 2000, all of the world would have to practice a form of population control. The mentality of those who live above the law, see these massacres as a form of thinning the herds. I sincerely believe that they put that little value on human life. There is no other explanation for the toleration of such weapons to flourish in society.

The forefathers knew how corrupt man was. They tried to imagine every scenario that would cause the people to be deprived of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness when writing the Bill of Rights. If they could have foreseen what was happening currently in society, they would have written the amendments a little bit differently. They had no way to foresee such bastardization of truth, integrity, loyalty, and innocence to gain a profit. It was beyond their scope of reason.

So please send your love and compassion to all those suffering souls who feel the only way to attain validation and establish self-worth is by killing others. They suffer beyond this life if we don’t intervene and they succeed in their fantasy act. Your love is more powerful than their hate and self-loathing. Please give it a try. In doing this, you will be the epitome of an unsung hero.

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