Technique for Using White Sound

I am very sensitive to sound. I feel them. When a car goes by I can feel it pass by my energy field. When the neighbors are loud, it is like sensitive skin being pounded. Synthetic music can jar the atoms of my internal make-up. It is very upsetting sometimes. I don’t think I am the only one.

The sounds of nature are very soothing for my energy. They seem to break apart places in me that have “clumped” and even out the atoms of my body. The birds chattering, the bugs sighing, the frogs peeping, the rain falling, the wind blowing are all sounds that work together to redistribute my atoms so they all have their own space to breathe.

Trees are great healers in a many ways. They “catch” all the energies and sounds that enter their magnetic field and direct them into the ground to dissipate them. The sounds may be heard under a tree but they aren’t felt as harshly. Each generation gets more removed from realizing the healing benefits of nature because they have been born into fewer of them and are less aware of them. It is a great luxury and an immense benefit to live next to trees.

If one is frazzled. A good long walk in a wooded area would assist in balancing them out on a cellular level. Living in a city is great but if there is separation from the balancing sounds of nature, the whole system may become imbalanced from this lack of cellular regulation.

A great tool for balancing one’s self is listening to white noise. White noise is played in the background to fill one’s space with uplifting sound so that the harsh sounds does not bombard one’s energetic “skin”. Think of it as bubble wrap for the energetic body. It is a great buffer for sensitive souls.

Technique: Choose a background sound that is natural and pleasing but generic. It can be Crystal bowls, chanting, or sounds of nature. Play it loud enough so that it is louder than the background noises but low enough so that it can disappear into the background. Put it on continuous play. It will buffer out all the sounds that have been bombarding anyone who is not lucky enough to live in the wilderness surrounded by trees.

This technique has saved me from feeling out of control of my environment. It allows me to stay plugged in to the me beyond the five senses. If you have a sensitive child, I highly recommend that you give them this sense of peace. It may help others get a handle on their own sense of well-being; maybe even for the first time.

One Comment on “Technique for Using White Sound

Ann Partin
December 28, 2013 at 9:11 pm

One of my fondest memories as a child was to spend hours, in the summer, running around in a Canopy covered pine thicket close to my home. It was like being in a wonder land, no wonder I was drawn there……

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