Tecnique for Changing Your DNA

Everything we are is made up of our genetic code. Until recently, it was believed that DNA was unchangeable.  But it has been proven that DNA can be changed.  Taking that awareness to empowerment stage means there is an ability to eliminate a disease in your family tree. I totally believe that changing your own DNA is a powerful tool for self healing and empowerment.

How did genetic diseases begin in the make up of our ancestry? Each disease started as an emotional issue that was so ingrained that it got passed down as a genetic component.  Our ancestors started out as genetic clean slates but through fear and conditioning we altered our human make up.

Here is a technique to change your genetic code.  Think of yourself as a tube of energy with a lot of little squares in a unique pattern all over it. They are like tiny windows. Imagine your parents and grand parents as similar tubes of energy with different pattern squares on them.

Choose the parent that you feel has the most qualities that you like. Think about each quality that they have. Visualize the tube of energy that they are, being superimposed into the tube of energy that you are.  It may look like another tube within your tube. But you can see both at the same time.

Each of the little squares on the tubes represents a quality or trait. Every trait is either desirable to you or not.  As your tubes are aligned, go through each trait your parent has.  If it is a trait you want to enhance in yourself, switch that square on within your tube.  If it is an undesirable trait, like a genetic illness, turn that switch off on yourself and close up the square that represented it in your tube.

Go through all the traits with this parent, and then pull out their tube of energy from yours.  Repeat the process with your other parent, grand parents etc. Go through all that you know about each relative and create the little square windows in your tube with their desirable traits and remove the square windows of negative traits that you share with them.

After aligning yourself with all your family’s desirable traits and disconnecting from the undesirable ones, visualize only your tube of energy.  Go through all of the traits about yourself.  Keep all the desirable traits switched on.  All the undesirable traits, switch off.  Break traits down into their smallest component to empower yourself even more.  For example if you like being outgoing keep that switched on but if you don’t like the component where you talk too much, switch that off. If there are traits that you want that are foreign to you, know there is a switch for them as well.

It may seem like a silly technique to some. But when it’s taken into consideration how little of the brain we actually use, maybe it can make us realize that the research for better health can happen within your own energy system, and not necessarily by ingesting more chemicals.

Also the time you spend on empowering visualizations, is less time spent on worry and degenerative practices.