Have a long heart to heart talk with your fat cells. Thank them for protecting you when you were feeling vulnerable. Tell them that you are strong now and can take care of yourself. Give them permission to shrink down in stature, recede to the background and sleep. Have a talk with your muscle cells. Give them a pep talk. See them as a little regime of soldiers that have gone soft and undisciplined. Line them up at attention and see them training to be a strong force in the body. See them as strong marines. Have a talk with your excretory cells. See them as a waste management company. Have a meeting with them that they need to be more efficient. Tell them that they are leaving waste on the streets. Stamp each cell with the little logo of a waste management company on them so that they know their job. Have a talk with the public transport system of your body. This is all the veins and arteries carrying blood through the body. Tell them that they have been missing stops on the route and to make sure that every molecule of oxygen is carried to its rightful […]

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Love Motivated Intention

People who have been effective in uplifting humanity are ones that have lived in their macrocosm as if it was their microcosm. It is a slight shift in the awareness of the person to do it. They may not even realize what they are doing energetically and why they are so effective. You can consciously do what they have done energetically and as you are successful, great acts will follow. Most people think of themselves as small compared to the world; like a random nothing on this big earth. If, that is, they ever think on those terms at all.There is a way to use those great mind skills of compartmentalization to get an energetic command of the world. It is very simple to do. This is how I do it. I envision myself as a clear bead that the surging energy of divine love is perpetually flowing through. I keep this imagery always handy during the day and pull it up often. The hole of the bead that is me, runs through me at the crown chakra and threads through my whole energy system and out through the feet. But instead of just going through, it permeates my whole […]

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Regenerate Yourself!

Healing Technique for Liver Issues The Liver is an amazing organ of the body. Not only does it filter everything that physically passes through the body, but also everything emotionally. If you are having trouble with your liver, I highly suggest that you stop listening to other people’s problems. You should also turn off the news. Our body was not meant to filter so much trauma. It is no different from the filter of a carburetor, air filter or anything else. It can not be over-taxed. I have found a couple of supplements that are meant to help people lose fat are effective in dissipating the emotional blockage that the liver may have to deal with. Maybe that is why they work. The ones that I have found effective for this are red raspberry tea capsules, green coffee bean capsules and garcinia cambogia. If you are having trouble with your liver, you might want to ask your health practitioner if taking these will be of some benefit. Maybe they will say it can do no harm and you can give it a try. When someone needs a liver transplant, they take a corner of a healthy liver and cut off a […]

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Technique to Heal the Planet

It is difficult to come up with a great healing technique for the planet that is not going to usurp others’ power. It is important to NOT interfere with any one’s psychic space in the attempts to bring purity back to what feels like a hopeless scenario. Visualizations are an active intention so they must be practiced with the utmost sanctity lest they fall into the realm of power and control. So here goes: Visualize an earth exactly like the present earth, except everyone is thriving and productive, animals are honored and loved, nature is sacred, water is pure, oceans are thriving, energy sources are in infinite supply and non intrusive, peace is the commonality, everyone is appreciated for their contribution, children are intelligent and coöperate in honing their gifts, minds and hearts are open, love is the commonality, music is uplifting and healing, creativity flourishes in all. See this beautiful earth, exactly like our earth in every way except for the above. It isn’t your job to figure out how that could be, you are just holding an intention for such a place. Now take this beautiful earth and overlay it on the present earth. Do so peacefully and […]

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Technique to Satiate the Love Starved

In contemplation, visualize the world from afar with all the people of the world as the surface area. See the people who are loved as rounded little domes amongst the masses. See those who are love starved as little divots in the surface of the earth. In your meditation, visualize pouring love into the earth. Get a sense of how porous it is due to the love starved people. As you saturated the world with Love, watch how it absorbs it, similar to how a plant absorbs moisture when you water it. Keep pouring your love into the planet with all the little divots in the world plumping up and becoming domes. Make certain not to focus on anyone in particular. Just pour it into everyone. If there are any crevices, gullies or receding areas in the earth surface, pour love into all of them. Know that love is not water and you are not flooding the earth with water. Love is love. Water is water. Sense the world plumping up with Love!

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