A Perpetually Uplifting Song

A friend of mine shared a video of a popular song called Happy. Now every time I hear this song I think of her. She has linked herself with this song for me forever. A stronger connection may come by and link itself with the song for me but even if it does, she will still be ingrained in me with the playing of this song. Do you know how to use rubber glue? You put a thin layer on a side that you want to stick something to, and a thin layer on what you want it to be attached to. You let them dry on their perspective surfaces, and then you press them together. They stick because they are melding with themselves. You can’t separate something from itself. This is what happens with music. It connects with an aspect of itself that resides within us. Because we, in metaphysical understandings, are a frequency of sound, the music we hear and the experience entrain and become a part of us. That is why advertisers use music to sell their product or point of view. They are super-gluing their agenda into us with the music that choose to represent it. When I […]

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Raising our Vibration

Sometimes, when people try o manifest abundance, they find that there is a missing component in their practice. They can be successful, but there has to be a means of holding the vibration of anything we desire. When someone who has never had physical wealth comes into money, typically, the first thing they do is spend it all. There is such a disconnect between depravity and abundance that people do not know how to hold the vibration of wealth in their energy field. They repel it when they get a chance to experience it. This concept works in all matters. When someone loses a lot of weight, they have to learn to hold the vibration of a thin person or else they will binge and gain all the weight back really quickly. When there are make-over shows, they are helping the person hold beauty in their sound frequency. That is the purpose of college and trade schools; to infuse the vibration of a particular craft in one’s sound frequency. It is very difficult to do it without assistance. It can be done by self-focusing on the desired results, and thinking and imagining fervently on them, but that is difficult to […]

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There is power in words. We all feel them. Say the word miserable and see how it feels in the body. Now say the word Joyous, and see how the body responds differently. It has even been proven that the vibration of words can change the molecular structure of water. Words matter. There is a reason that the most ruthless swarm of modern killers has called themselves Isis. They have proven their hate for woman by kidnapping female children and selling them into a life of slavery and rape. Their purpose is to empower themselves by the desecrating of female energy. This is the time for female energy to  rise up and become equal in and balanced with male energy. “Power” is reacting on a primal level to this, It is evident by the choice of their name. They have chosen a name; that for all history; is a vibration of empowered female energy. It is very intentional. It is their intention to reclaim their male domination by desecrating female energy and  by destroying the vibration of a sacred word. We cannot participate in that. But we do: we participate every time we call them by the name they have chosen. […]

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Eliciting Sympathy

When we seek sympathy, we are asking others to help us mute our dynamic vibratory rate to one of very low frequency on the survival scale. The more dynamic we are, the more effort it will take to keep us “down”. We are like an inner-tube under water in that; it will take a lot of effort to keep us from rising to the top. So we seek help. Here is the cycle. We start out really dynamic and vibrating at a very uplifting level. Others see us as different so they pull us down to their level or below. We get used to that vibration and identify with it so we have to find ways to stay at that lower frequency. Groups of communities, families and societies use each other to keep their vibratory rate at a certain level. Individuals rise to the top. People who know me know that I refuse to give sympathy. I refuse to agree with a lower vibratory rate than that of pure joy, love, abundance and freedom. If someone seeks my help, I will not allow them to manipulate me into seeing them as less than whole and free. Instead, I validate them […]

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Technique to Turn Chaos into Celestial Music

The frequency of Love is 528 Hz. There are recordings of it on the internet. Create a CD of it. Play it in the Background loud enough to hear it but low enough so it disappears in the background. Put it on continuous play. Remember what it sounds like as a single tone because; if you are sensitive; it will change to the most beautiful music. You may have to do a double take many times to remember that when you turned the CD player on, it was just a single tone. The music may elicit such reverence and peace of the most sacred holidays. The music will be rich and round and expansive. It may take several hours, but hopefully you will experience this. The pets and the environment will feel calmer and more harmonious. This is a great way to bring harmony into the home because everyone’s and everything’s atoms will be resonating similarly. If there is noise from the neighborhood that is intrusive, notice how the music creates a buffer from it. You may also sense a positive cohesiveness in the space outside of you home as well. I would Love to hear people’s positive experiences with […]

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