Ways to Heal Your Pet’s Stress

Animals are so devoted to us that they absorb a lot of our stress. They try so hard to help us feel better. Sometimes they try so hard that they develop behavioral problems. They may become needy, want to go out all the time, or overeat. Many times they’re trying to distract their owner out of their own stress. Emotional stress is held in the body of pets just as it is in their human counterparts. The diaphragm of the body is a holding tank for stress until it can be alleviated. If it isn’t addressed, it floods the body’s systems and joints. Eventually it manifests as dis-ease. When assisting a pet with physical pain or behavioral issues, it’s ideal for me to do a diaphragm release on both the pet and its owner. Releasing a pet’s emotional stress and that of its owner seems to bring immediate relief to the pet. When the emotional stress has been removed the pet may suddenly become visibly euphoric. I get many doggy kisses during and after a session. A lot of times the pet has misunderstandings of what is expected of them. For example: a little dog that is in the care […]

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Jenuine Answers

There seems to be a desperate need for a place to bring questions of a Spiritual nature.  It is surprising and sad how many individuals feel so isolated  because they are having certain experiences and have no means to figure out what is happening. I would like to say to them collectively,”You are not alone”. It is also sad that in this day and age, it is harder to trust who you trust.  Everyone seems to either have their own agenda, represent an agenda  or be speaking from an egotistical  point of view (however subtle that may be).  I am not saying I have all the answers, but I can tell you what MY “agenda” is. It is to walk my life’s purpose by helping others discover their life’s purpose. It is a Joy for me to hear,” I have been struggling my whole life with this and now I have an answer”‘. So, feel free to think of me as a Spiritual Dear Abby.  I will do my best to answer as many of your questions as possible.  By sending in your question, you may be helping many others who struggle with the same issue. At the very least, I am hoping that people realize that they aren’t alone in their experience. That […]

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Being Popular

There are people who are very insightful intelligent people but for some reason they aren’t acknowledged or embraced very easily by others. They have a lot to offer and aren’t readily accepted so they overcompensate and develop the belief that the problem is a cosmetic one. Personalities are our own unique signature on the world. It is a great way to size each other up. The problem is that some people try so hard to develop a personality, that they don’t realize that their true essence is already speaking to others. We all have an energy field. We read each other’s energy all the time. So if what is perceive in a person’s energy field doesn’t complement their personality, they are deemed as phony. Here’s an example: Someone is trying hard to fit in with the popular crowd, so they try to wear the right shoes and know the right information even though their interests lie elsewhere. It’s obvious to everyone except the person trying to something they’re not. The reason why the cool kid is the cool kid is because their personality and energy systems align. It is a strength that is palpable. Then, others want to copy the […]

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