Making This Lifetime Matter

One of my long time clients who does all the taps that I post recently had a dream. It depicted how the work we do in group sessions benefits everyone. In the dream, she was feeding the multitudes of people. She was feeding them all milk with their meal. Two different men of authority who had been important in her life came in the restaurant. They commented on her supply of milk being half empty. They also commented that it was diluted. She responded with confidence that she had plenty and she would be able to feed everyone. The men then did something surprising. They took out their own milk that they had skimmed off her pitcher in the past and poured it back into the pitcher. She could then feed the multitudes a more full concentrated milk. In the dream, the diluted milk represented individual’s effectiveness. It is so prevalent that the dilution isn’t even recognized. The woman feeding the multitudes was giving the individuals back their empowerment; which is what we do in the group sessions. We take back from power groups, which are energy hoarders, and give it back to the individuals. As a by-product, we are immersed […]

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Why I Don’t Bother

There is a very special group of special people who come together five times a week as much as their schedules will allow because they want to release all the illusion of this world, they want to gain comfort in their own skin and lives, they want to live their spiritual purpose and they want to be empowered as spiritual beings. That is what the group sessions that I facilitate do. We have been gathering for the last few months and have experienced such a shift in our personal worlds and the world at large. The growth, empowerment, and love is incredible. But there is no way to convey this to those who are not ready to accept their own empowerment or see what we are doing here as more than being part of a warm and fuzzy group. I get weary of even inviting others to the group because they can’t fathom the work we do here and the love that we awaken to. Many times, I don’t bother to try. Yet here we go again. We are on the precipice of completing another cycle of group sessions. If anyone feels a calling to join us, they are welcome […]

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Be the Love!

We have been conditioned to believe that we are powerless. The truth is, our thoughts and beliefs are the collective that creates the world that we live in. That is why factions in power try to influence us and harness us with fear. They realize that the individual truly is omnipotent and omniscient when they are left to think, feel, and love unbridled by guilt, fear and judgment. If you want to uplift humanity, challenge fear at every turn, stop being distracted by the mundane, and see love in everything and everyone. Be an unwavering beacon of light and the highest truth in the word. Feel no need to sway anyone from their beliefs, merely accept their spiritual learning curve and love them through the illusion of division. We are all one. We are all free. We are all able to transcend ignorance, poverty and control. We are all able to enlighten others with our Brilliance. Be and express the love from within and it will reflect in the world and touch the minds and hearts of others that you may never meet.

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Free the People

This morning I walked a dear friend from Russia through these taps. Her release was amazingly heart-felt. She convulsed at times as she released the energy  that was bound to her body. In the session I saw her energy-dynamic in the Russian Army; her on the Russian front, lifetimes with Stalin, a great train migration and genocide. Since she was directly caught of in the power-hold of her country throughout history, she was able to be a surrogate to free the dynamics with the present personification of power control in her part of the world. These taps we did this morning are emanating out to all humanity. It was a powerful shift in the spaciousness of the consciousness of earth. Today is my birthday. I dread my birthdays. I was despised in utero and cursed at my birth. I have been treated with contempt my whole life. It is only recently that I have come to terms with the fact that I came here to serve humanity. It is the only thing that makes sense to me and it is the only thing that explains the world’s reaction to me. Birthdays are just something for me to get through until I come […]

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Loving Balance

In our natural state, our energy is perpetually flowing love. There is a desire, almost a compulsion, to give and share. We hold a memory of this complete loving within our energy field and it is that to which we aspire to return. Due to trauma and fear, our loving flow diminishes to a trickle. Our access to the energy that fuels and inspires us diminishes. We shut down to a large extent and become less effective at helping ourselves and uplifting others. Those who are trying hard to become effective again may become misguided in their sharing. They may try their best but often their sharing becomes verbal rants or emotional dumping. Since their energy flow is still introverted their sharing is based on fear or problems. When someone is in this mode of processing, try to listen to them obliquely (if you feel you must listen at all). Sympathy has a low frequency, so giving too much sympathy can actually hinder someone more than help them. A better way to help is to validate their greatness rather than their issues. Remind them of their resilient spirit and that anything that they are experiencing is temporary. They may try […]

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