The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room

You really can’t honestly speak about truth without breaching the taboo in our society. The concept of reincarnation. People are starving for truth but it has to be tempered so as not to step on people’s belief system. The problem is that the current belief system of living only one flawed desperate life and then making it to heaven to live a perpetual peace is a myth. How can anyone maneuver around that antiquated belief and still have a semblance of truth?

So much of who we are, all our mistakes, spiritual lessons, health issues and relationships are earmarked from what we have already experienced in past lives. Our past lives are a treasure trove for us to delve in to discover the reason behind our weakness, fears, attractions, and preferences. As a matter of literal fact, many people who are tapped into their past lives, reach a depth of compassion that one-lifers can only stumble upon. But those who formulate who they are from who they were, reach a greater depth.

Some one-lifers can stumble upon their depth and attribute it to God. But without the understanding of the fact that we have already been in the stranger’s shoes, it can also leave one-lifers cold and judgmental. The one lifers are working overtime these days to get conservative judges in so they can control the narrative of how society mandates laws.

The one-lifers have become ruthless and cruel in their pursuit of the mainstream narrative. Why is this? They are fighting for their denial. They are fighting for their concept of God. They are fighting for their very existence. Christianity has been a chokehold on society ever since the dark ages. We have never really come out of the dark ages because of the belief of one physical life.

The concept of a one life existence has been a controlling factor on society. When the truth is so very evident these days, denying it has created a warped and dismal reality. Why are the alternative left demonized? What could they possibly do that is so bad and still function in society? The alternative left simply believes the truth that the one lifers are in denial about. They are more likely open to the concept of reincarnation.

It is hard not to be open to one’s past lives when memories of who we have come flooding through. This is what many experience. I was raised with the western belief system but memories of who I was would come flooding through at the most inopportune times. There were not only images, but smells, sounds, and sensations. It is not something one can deny once one opens up to their past lives. It is literally like denying your own childhood and how it formulated your adulthood. Anyone who is a spiritual seeker, will hit a glass wall if they deny the past lives that formulated the present them.

During the dark ages, the bible was rewritten to leave out most references of reincarnation. This was to give the bishops more of a hold over their flock and actually charge them for an assured place in heaven. The fear of not going to heaven had to be very scary to make the sell better. That is why hell was sold as such a horrible place.

There used to be an alternative place that people would go to that were not ready for heaven. It was called purgatory. It was too easy for people to figure out that purgatory was simply coming back to earth again. So the teaching of purgatory was discontinued.

Some of the references to reincarnation were not able to white-washed out of the bible. If one has an older edition to the bible and reads what John the Baptist wrote, they may catch a reference. John talks of who he was in a past life and explains Jesus is the second coming of David. The references to Jesus returning to earth was not about him coming back to reign supreme. It was merely Jesus talking about future lives.

The simple version is always the most obvious. Instead of creating a virgin birth that defies physical law, could Jesus’s birth not be celebrated because it was the return of a beloved king from the past? When he spoke of his God the father, perhaps he was trying to convey kindness in the concept of God for everyone to debunk controlling ruthless depictions of God. He was not flaunting his birthright. That is not what Avatars do. He was creating a means for all people to perceive God in a loving way. He was trying to help people to feel worthy of God’s love.

His teachings were twisted to manipulate the masses. Genocide and holy wars were committed to control the narrative. It seems like a ruthless misguided thing to do but we are seeing the echoes of those horrible memories show up today in how desperate people are to control other people’s personal choices. The whole abortion issue is merely a memory of past issues of control wanting to reseat themselves. The issue over abortion is simply the holy wars is a more subtle form. Echoes of genocide are in play in how open minded people are demonized as the alt left.

Those who believe in a woman’s right to choose are liken to the pagans of the day who were killed merely for not proclaiming Jesus Christ as the only son of God. That is the issue that is at hand. Power mongers are using their old tactics for control but mass consciousness has become too savvy. The whole belief that a fetus is a person is actually not about the life of a child.

The people who are fighting hardest for this are the same ones who lack compassion for woman and who are for locking up children at the border. It is not out of compassion that people fight for forcing a woman to procreate. The fight is actually the same as in the dark ages. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the only son of God and your Lord and Savior?

No I do not. Jesus was a great Soul who came to earth to uplift the consciousness of humanity. He did release a lot of the karma from the masses. It did not have to be through his physical death. Many Great Healers know how to pass stagnant energy out of this world and heal people. More and more are learning the skills and releasing their own issues without needing to be saved by an imperial son.

Jesus is a good man with a great sense of humor and a great compassion for the ignorant. He abhors how his time on earth was used to enslave the masses and he encourages and endorses what I do. He is particularly perplexed how people can go along reliving his torture every Easter. If you loved someone, you would help them forget something like that and not force them to relive it; which is what the Christian faith does every year. It is a difficult time for him. It is like mocking him as a failure.

Pope Francis and the Elders at the Vatican surely know about the writings of reincarnation locked up in their libraries. Perhaps he struggles with the inner prompting to reveal the truth to the masses and end a lot of the misery in the world of forcing the poor to procreate more poverty. When he became the pope, it was clear to me that the whole lineage of pope’s purpose was; as flawed as some of them were, was to hold space for this good soul to come through. Pope Francis is capable in assisting humanity in reaching the heights of their ability to awaken simply by revealing the truth.

There have been a few great inspirational writers and speakers in the present day; John Dyer, Deepock Chopra and Eckharte Tolle to name a few. They have all shared great innate truths. But I think their message was hindered by not being even more open about reincarnation. I know John Dyer spoke of being the reincarnation of St Francis of Assisi. It was so refreshing to hear him speak of it. But as he did, there was an odd sensation that occurred. As he spoke outwardly about his past lives, the truth of his words did not pierce the conditioning of his audience.

I watched people accepted his words. They did not doubt them. But they seemed to file them away in a place where, “this is not talked about”. That was it. It was like the truth that he was speaking did not sear through to the cognitive mind. They were buffered from reaching a stark landing of reality. They were politely and dutifully compartmentalized. But the vibration of the world is changing at an alarming rate. It is impossible to prevent truth from being shared as is evidence of this post THAT WILL REACH PEOPLE.

Here is the thing. We are in the midst of attempted genocide. Power factions are trying to kill truth once again. Society is already mangled to such a decree for lack of truth. But truth is still making its way to the conscious mind through the individuals own Akashic records bubbling to the surface. Power factions are trying to get people to once again deny their truth. We will not allow this to happen. The Ancient Ones will not allow it to happen.

It is time to stop being polite about your belief system because you are respectful of theirs. Their belief system wants to mandate cruel practices upon women. You keeping quiet about your truth enables them to be able to stay in denial. Speak up about your past lives. Speak up about your understanding of truth. Let them know that abortion is not the death of anyone because we live on lifetime after lifetime.

If you have to, remind them of what it says in the Bible; in Genesis. God made the body of man out of the dust of earth. THEN he breathed life into it. The soul does not enter the baby until the first breath. Man in his arrogance believes that he can conceive a soul. This is beyond his pay scale. Soul is eternal. Man in made of flesh. The wisdom of the eternal soul is best addressed by kindness and truth. This is the power we all have; to be truthful and kind. This is how we serve God and humanity best.

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Reasons People are Not Free

Reasons People are Not Free

They think too much.

They worry about what other people think.

They get caught up in drama.

They focus on other people’s lives more than their own.

They allow the outside world to dictate their narrative.

They confuse concepts like humility with unworthiness.

They worry too much about what they look like.

They worry too much about making money.

They don’t trust their relationship with the Universe.

They subscribe to a pecking order of life and don’t see themselves at the top of it.

They have cut off their connection with their own depth through not delving into their past lives.

They believe anything they are told as truth.

They believe truth can actually exist in the form and function of life.

They dilute their energy by saying things they don’t mean.

They dilute their energy by making promises they don’t keep.

They secretly know they are special and hide this knowledge from the masses.They have been compared to others into conformity.

They lost the ability to perceive in energy.

They frame many of the blessings they receive as curses.

They accrue things to feel safe.

They are afraid to be separate from their consciousness.

They are limited by a male slanted point of view.

They have given their power away.

They don’t realize that their power is energy and they can take it back.

They stopped believing in fairies.

They stopped holding space for good things to happen.

They have stopped pouring their energy into the God realms that are formed through their efforts.

They stopped believing in God so they stopped believing in heaven or any form of life except what they are used to.

They have been pitted against each other lifetime after lifetime.

They stopped formulating creating intentions that manifest the wonder in life.They dream small.

They stopped dreaming.

They stopped playing.

They stopped hoping.

They stopped knowing.

They stopped loving.

They stopped giving.

They stopped being.


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Being Pretty for Daddy

Being Pretty for Daddy

There is a huge difference between a sweet little girl learning about her sexuality by flirting with her daddy and what millions of little girls learn about their sexuality by default.

Being pretty for daddy entails getting the attention of the foundation of your world. The one who provides everything to your comfort and keeps you safe. Making daddy smile means you are powerful and teaches you how to be confident in your abilities to play to your surroundings.

For many of us though, gaining the attention of doting eyes also means rough big hands rubbing against our skin and sticking fingers and other things into our orifices. It means shame and dread. Our sexuality becomes something that needs to be burdened instead of something we flourish into. .

Being singled out for our attractiveness means spending “quality” time with an over zealous adult who works way to hard to get us alone. It means secrets and confusion and being told what we are experiencing is not really happening. Our sexuality is forever linked with shame, dread, doubt, secrecy and lies.

Those little girls and boys who get to grow up in a safe bubble of their own reality get to live their whole lives in the innocence of their self discovery. The rest of us have been pulled into a lascivious world where we are the by product of unwanted attention. We have to adapt our sense of self to walk in the shadows; vacillating between safety and the desperation to be validated.

We also wanted to be pretty for daddy perhaps. But daddy was either disinterested, not around or checked out. In some cases, daddy was the unwanted visitor to our tiny beds. Daddy was the distortion in our tea parties and quiet time. Daddy was the danger.

It really isn’t worth mentioning to those in their safe bubble of reality who still believes that God is pure white and sits on a governing chair. They are the ones that believe that laws made by the over inflated egos of the entitled have any understanding of what the world is like for mullions of us.

They really believe that telling us to be good will prevent us from breaking laws that reflect their cut and dry world. What they don;t seem to understand is that for millions, they have lost control of their own mandates before they even had an understanding of what human rights are.

We may not be in a position to obey or break a law. We may simply be in survival mode. Life happens to us. We may not control our fate so nicely as the little one whose whole world is making daddy smile. So many need to maneuver in a world that preys on the very aspects of them that is going to help them maneuver out of a hellish reality; their looks, talent and ingenuity.

Those who make laws making it harder for women to thrive by governing their reproductive rights are no different to me than all those men who targeted me when I was a child. They are given unwanted attention where they have no right to be. I can count up to fifteen pedophiles in my childhood. I can spot a pedophile miles away. Those who are desperate to mandate reproductive laws have a similar energy to the men who took interest in me when I was a child. The shiny white men at the top of the survival scale, know who to target just like your average street perv does.

They know who is defenseless. They are very charming to those who are not targeted by them. They can win anyone over to their side. They can make the victim seem incredulous when they are protecting their hunt and we threaten that. They also don’t see our pain. They only see their own want and the object of their desire.

They are not so kind to us when they don’t want us any more and then we are an annoyance. They seem agitated by us because we are a reminder of their own base nature. It becomes dangerous to us for them to even notice us. Even more so when their sites turn from sexual desire to thirst for power.

I am happy for all the little girls who got to keep their loving relationship with daddy. I bless their blissful reality. But the rest of us understand that current events are not about a doting government taking care of its flock. The current controlling mandates are governed by the same insidious intentions that I learned about all too young. We are the target for power mongers. Power mongers are not quenched by one victim. They feed on making their victim feel helpless. They are now targeting our reproductive rights.

May all gain their voice more easily so that so many of us don’t have to learn to maneuver the shadows like I had to. It is not fair to expect so many to be strong at the rough grabby hands of power. But we need to all be strong together. We know the other side of that shellacked veneer. We see the lied, disingenuous and random devotion to God. We know their true intention is to render us helpless. That can and will not happen.


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Being Awakened To Your Own Truth

Being Awakened To Your Own Truth

Most of society has been taught to be on autopilot without thinking for themselves. They have been conditioned to attack things that they don’t like to hear as a means to protect the process of conditioning society into habitual patterns of behavior.

We have all been taught to fear thinking our mind so we just reverberate a statement or phrase we have already heard. This way we know the phrase has been tested or tried and we will not be punished, rejected, killed, tortured or humiliated for sharing it. All these repercussions have been programmed into our DNA as viable results of being different or speaking one’s truth.

As a society, we are still experiencing those things happen, when we do speak our mind. I have endured such onslaughts regularly. Some people don’t realize how attacking, rude, or abrasive they really are when they don’t agree with what is being said. They try to bait one into a “discussion”; which is really an energetic battle using the weapon of words. They feel words are their home field or else they won’t engage.

Trump has been a great example of how this is done and how society has learned to deal with those who don’t agree with them. There is no room for communication for such a person because they treat their point of view like a perpetual storming of the gate of opposition. Most just fall into submission; which looks like agreement if it is systemic. This is the ploy of dictators and power mongers.

When I hear Trump speak, I automatically see a ruthless attack of any opposition. It’s like the breaking down the doors of a castle or gate with the weight of full fallen trees. Anyone with a different point of view is seen as the enemy. The scary part about Trump being so popular is that many of the personality traits exhibited in him, I have seen in those who have been cruel to me or have abused me.

It is a brave thing to give voice to a truth that is not mainstream. But that is what needs to happen to break the facade of conditioning on our freedom of speech. One of the ways that this has been implemented to rob us of our voice is through using our desire to please God. We have been taught that to challenge what we are told as God’s will is to show a lack of devotion or to even have dire consequences. This is silly since God knows our heart. He said to be like the little child in our approach to God. Children ask lots of questions. This is their nature.

The thought process has been weaned out of us. Which, if you think about it, it is an antithesis of the original message of Jesus. Jesus was tortured and killed for challenging the status quo. Jesus’ original message was eradicated and replaced with propaganda to encourage status quo. That is the irony of it. Those who do not subscribe to a fundamental Christian belief system are closer to personifying Jesus than those who consider themselves devout. Those who relive the crucifixion of Jesus are unwittingly celebrating his take-down. This is the haughty secret of power in using our devotion to desecrate and humiliate truth.

This is the underlying truth that is not challenged in our outer society because of the fear of retaliation. Yet, it is the unspoken truth that is within the human psyche. When the individual is so confused, conflicted, distressed and in pain, they will need to look beyond their own belief systems for truth. Anything that we have been taught to accept as truth has been tainted by some desire to control us along the way. It is done in layers, so once someone believes they have arrived at the absolute truth, it is their gauge that they have more of truth to reveal.

That is why truth needs to come from within. Don’t accept what anyone says because they are successful, rich, pretty, or smart. Take in every statement and test it against the backdrop of your own resonance. See which statements agree with your own cadence. Hold all others up for scrutiny. You are not here to be a doormat for another person or group’s agenda. No matter how embedded or prestigious they are, or how long they have endured. You are here to be awakened to your own truth.

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To Be Inspired

To Be Inspired

As spiritual beings, we exist in service. When we give of ourselves in kindness, and encouragement, we are aligning our spirituality with our physicality. Whatever is more complicated than that is a distraction from this truth.

The reason that our government has representatives is because those in power, didn’t believe that the average person was capable of discerning for themselves. So they elected representatives to vote for them. They held this same predicate in relationship to religion.

Now that the average person is awakening, the power factions want to use that same group dynamic to PREVENT the individual from discerning for themselves. Most people who are awakening, can sense that the religious and political groups are not meant to serve them but themselves. They use fear tactics to keep them everyone entrenched.

The more we are kind and encouraging, the more we assist people in awakening so that they can discern for themselves. There are three dynamics playing out today.

One, is those that are still motivated by group dynamics. Another is so far beyond relying on group dynamics that is causing them to be a targeted by those whose way of life is threatened by the lack of dependency on groups. Then there are the ones who are on the fence.

The ones on the fence are those who have outgrown group dynamics but use them as a crutch in some way. They are afraid to be seen as different because of some primal shaming that happened to them in a past life and is stored in their DNA. Yes, they believe in past lives but can’t admit to it openly.

These ones on the fence are the majority. They stay closeted in conformity so as not to upset those in reactionary mode. They do not realize that they are the majority. In this current climate, the Universe is knocking them off the fence. Either choose interpersonal freedom or be conditioned through rhetoric and peer pressure to go back to sleep.

The natural disasters that happen, push people out of pockets of complacency. Evolution and growth is a natural state. Those who work ruthlessly to keep men enslaved to their groups, show up twisted and contorted in appearance. They may look slightly unbalanced in the physical world but in energy they are vile and repulsive.

I never defend Obama. If I did, my message would be lost to so many people. But I know he is a good man. You know how I know? Not by his politics. He is not perfect. I know by his energy. He is balanced aligned and pleasing in energy. Those that attack him for a purpose, are covered with this slimy by-product of their intention.

Those who are merely caught up in the rhetoric that other people sling, are vacant looking and on auto pilot. They are terrified and reactionary from past traumas and are lashing out at whomever they are aimed at. It is no different than a woman fighting off any man who approaches her after she has been raped.

If people could get back to their core purpose as spiritual beings, they would relax in their energy and figure this stuff out on their own. But they are too manipulated and exploited by power factions that are losing their edge. People have been honed into weapons to protect an agenda. They have been aimed at others who have started to awaken more. They have been encouraged to attack.

The same onslaught that Obama endures, all those who show their understanding of greater truths are demonized to protect the group dynamics. One who is on the verge of awakening will question why being a tree hugger is so bad. Why are hippies the enemy? In hindsight, the hippy movement brought about the end of the Vietnam war that was initiated and perpetuated to protect a power base.

The hippy mentality is a powerful thing. It was squelched by a mentality that bribed the next generation into complacency through a booming market. Now that commercialism is even more worshiped, they use the songs written by the hippies to sell their products to a generation that is less inspired. Anyone of the songwriters of the past would be appalled that their freedom songs were used in this way.

When we are freed up from attacking and demoralizing others, our creative juices are freed up to create, inspire, discern and transcend. This is what the power factions are trying to prevent. That is what those who are desperate to know their purpose crave. The more you can turn your attention away from what you are being told to feel; whatever creates a primal reaction in you; the more your energy can untwist, balance and expand.

This will create a well being in yourself and those around you and give them an ease of purpose. This relaxing of your energy will spontaneously allow others to awaken. You will know this is happening when more originality and inspired music abounds. we will no longer have to reach back decades to be be inspired.

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