Love’s Call – Dedicated to You

Love’s Call – Dedicated to You

What must I say to inspire you?
What do you need to feel loved”
How can I convince you of the magnitude of your worth?
What else in words can be said?

I see all the pain that you carry
All the times you had to go it alone
All the memories you hold of being beaten or scorned
I watched as your heart turned to stone

I cheer you for your attempts to melt it
By focusing on a special some one
How can I make you understand that you’ve never been lost
Love bathes you effortlessly as the sun

Your tears were never a cry in the dark
They are a great means of flushing out pain
You are learning each moment the depth of your worth
To meet challenges without a hint of disdain

You now know you are more than an island
Or a stranger living unnoticed where you dwell
You are an infinite ember in a perpetual blaze
Not only Godlike but a God atom or cell

You carry all the attributes of Divinity
You display them well when you are “in love”
The trick is to realize that love comes from within
Not from without or above

Glean that special feeling of being in love
Except learn that it comes from the self
Don’t just wear in when you have a partner
Then put it once again on the shelf

Let love emanate from your very atoms
Let it shine on your skin like fresh dew
Let it whisper in, and kiss your sweat ear
Let it help you realize that It’s you

You hold all the keys to what you pray for
Guard the gate to your own inner realm.
You are the Master of your divinity
You are the captain at the helm

Steer yourself always to more of your true essence
In your workplace, society, and home
Never do you need to search to find love
Never again must you roam.

See Love reflected in nature
From each blade of grass to each tree
Never does it waver from its purpose
Never does it cry out, “Poor Me!”

You are a graceful display of personified Awesomeness
An inspiration to one and to all
You are respected and admired beyond all reproach
Simply by hearing and heeding Love’s call.

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Transcendence is reaching a place of purity beyond the mind and the duality of life while still in the physical body. It is a transcendence of the ego. Unfortunately the ego and the mind reside at the same level so when one is too caught up in things of the mind;like figuring things out, quantifying and labeling things, and identify with any one side: it is a means of being at the mental realms and by default still working from the ego.

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The Conversion

The Conversion

Even though we seem solid and separate, we are actually energy existing in energy of different vibrations. We choose how we are going to vibrate by the vibration of energy we allow to run through us in the thoughts, feelings and even experiences we choose.

When we choose positive thoughts, feelings and experiences, we bring the energy around us to a higher vibration. In this way, we are all energy converters. The world around you is a reflection of the thoughts, feelings and experiences that you choose. Your body filters out the experiences that don’t seem relevant to you and attracts those experiences that you put more attention on.

If you are always talking about how negative the world is, that is the kind of experience you are attracting to yourself. But worse, it is also the kind of experience you are converting into reality as well. Eventually we will all come to a neutrality in our charge. This is what transcendence is in energy.


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The Defense

I met life in a beaded gown
with edges that were frayed
It was my only armor
From power and it’s play

The garb was awkwardly comfortable
As I wore it just like skin
It was so familiar I didn’t know
Where it ended and I begin

As I was met with cruelty
I added beads and knots
It sheltered me from the pain
Hid the real me that I forgot

Then someone smiled sweetly
And wiped my brow of need
In that act of kindness
My dress dropped a single bead

This loosened up the fibers
Seams started splitting all apart
Then a miracle happened
The worn threads exposed my heart

I then received more kindness
The whole dress became unbound
lost were all defenses
All the beads dropped to the ground

When I watched them tumble
And was stripped of my attire
I realized hate, fear and dread
Are never more required

I stand here bare to the soul
With no other false enhancement
May others too drop their garbs
For the sake of Humanity’s advancement

Now I wear a beadless gown
With no hint of wear or fray
Soul is woven in pure light and sound
Love shines through to all this way.

Jen Ward 8/13/15


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Taps: Don’t Be Discouraged

Sometimes we feel things that have little do do with us and more about what is happening Universally. There is no one to explain what is going on so many of us accept it as a personal inner struggle when it is not anything we need to engage in.
For example, feeling an undercurrent of depression, sadness, incompetency, or even failure are Universal energies that are flushing out of the psychic realms right now. There is no need to give them life with our personal thoughts and feelings. It is as silly as taking responsibility for every storm cloud that passes and running a marathon of thoughts in your mind as to why it is happening and blaming yourself.

Want to know what SFT (Spiritual Freedom Technique) Taps Are? Click Here!

Say each statement out-loud three times while continuously tapping on the top of your head, and say it a fourth time while continuously tapping on your chest.

Don’t skip any because you don’t think they apply to you. The ones you want to skip are the ones you need to do.

“I release feeling like a failure; in all moments”
“I release feeling like I never get ahead; in all moments”
“I release the belief that I am moving backwards in all moments”
“I release the fear of never getting ahead; in all moments”
“I release the belief I am a failure; in all moments”
“I release the belief that I will never get ahead; in all moments”
“I release the feeling and belief that nothing ever changes; in all moments”
“I release feeling stuck; in all moments”
“I release being discouraged; in all moments”
“I release being blind to the big picture; in all moments”
“I see the expansion of consciousness; in all moments”
“I embrace the expansion of consciousness; in all moments”
“I release all conditioning that linear enslavement has put on me; in all moments”
“I flush out all negative program and reactions; in all moments”
“I accept my freedom; in all moments”
“I acclimate to the expansiveness of consciousness; in all moments”
“I awaken to the expansiveness of exponential love; in all moments”
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