Powerful Technique To See Trees Dance

Powerful Technique To See Trees Dance

You can love everyone and everything all at once. You can be with them even though they are millions of miles away. The feelings of loss are an engram from past lives when you lost everything dear to you. It is not the case now. All of life is your friend and you are more in touch with love than ever before. Living and having experiences is not something to break your heart; no matter what the limited mind may say.

When we have experiences that cause us to feel deeply, no matter what the feeling, it is an invitation to awaken to more and more of the love and interconnectedness that is availed to us. It is not possible to lose anything. Only the illusion of separation. And at this point in our evolution as a species, it is time to say good riddance.

Everything we think, say and do has been stripped down to the most limiting factor. We have been deduced to “stick figure” mentalities. It is so difficult to convey to a stick figure in stick figure language that they are actually a robust, effervescent exponential energy that is turning and churning upon itself like the dynamic properties of the very stick figure sun.

We are living in a “check the box” world; where you are only afforded such limited choices to identify with. Are you happy or sad, good or bad, pretty or unattractive, male or female? Why can you not be an intricate higher dimensional mosaic of all these things woven together and dancing within your atoms? Why does everything need to be so flat and lifeless in this world? I assure you it is not.

For example: when you look at a tree, you are never actually seeing that tree. Your mind has filtered out all the movement and dance that it is perpetually engaged it. Your stick figure mind has filtered it out. A tree is not rigid. A tree is not lifeless. Thinking and believing that, is the stick figure mind inflicting its limitation on that tree. A tree, along with all life, is fluid, dancing, ecstatic, loving energy.

Try this technique: When you are in a grateful receptive “heart”, place yourself in a comfortable place where you can observe a tree. Make it a special tree; one that you have affection for. Spend as long as it takes to just observe the tree. Ask it silently to show you its true self. Be receptive to taking off the filters of the eyes and mind that limit your perceptions. Look for movement in the tree’s branches.

If your energy is receptive, you will see the tree undulating in an incredible powerful expression of life. You will see these huge limbs moving like arms and you will see it surge with movement and dance. Those of you who read my posts, are aware of the energy of them. So know that the ability to see trees like this is infused as a gift in these words to you. I am gifting you with seeing as I see. The trees will be helping too. These both, matched by your sincere intention may afford you the ability to do this.

Meditation is used for getting out of body. But what is the point; if you are going to just ignore all the beauty that is around you where you stand? Or do you stand at all? Once you can see the tree move, you can look at neighboring trees and see them move as well. It is not them that is changed. It is you. You have taken off limiting filters on your mind. So meditation is not meant as an escape “out of here”. It is a means to awakening to reality that you don’t have to go anywhere to be everywhere.

The reason Van Gogh’s paintings of a starry night are so profound is because he was seeing without the filters that others are equipped with. For him, it was insanity to see such beauty and experience life so exponentially while trying to live “normally” in a stick figure world. These are exciting times now. We are able to experience the expansiveness of consciousness while incorporating it into the limiting existence that has been agreed upon by mainstream.

It is time to change that agreement. By removing the limiting filters of a stick figure world, you will be infusing this present reality with so much depth and joy. All you have to do is awaken yourself more and more and that will be infused into the collective agreement of humanity.

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Removing Toxic Anger

Removing Toxic Anger

Anger is a toxic corrosive poison that seeps into our lives in so many ways. It is a byproduct of generations of invalidation and mistreatment and seeps into us directly or indirectly from others. It is as if the modern environment has shower heads of anger shooting out in all directions and we are its collecting rods and human holding tanks.

How does one deal with it? There are ways to get rid of it. Recycling it into productive energy like work, service or exercise seems to be effective. But all too often; instead of being dissipated; it is passed on to those around us. Or one keeps pooling it within themselves accepting more and more from those around them and creating more of a space for it until one becomes totally explosive or withdraws into a passive mode.

Prayer or meditation can help one rise above the level of anger but it doesn’t dissipate the bubbling pool that already exists.

Here is a technique to dissipate the anger:

In contemplation, instead of avoiding the anger, go to it. Visualize a bubbling toxic pool of noxious energy within you. See it in its pure form. Look at how it has killed all life around it. Sense the hopeless of having this pool exist. Visualize calling upon a special unique group of hazmat angels that are specifically equipped to deal with the toxic waste of anger.

Visualize them installing a sump pump and siphoning all the toxic anger out of the pool. See it going into a special pipe that dumps it into a river of light. Watch the waste flow into the Light and transform into a light golden energy as well.

Watch the hazmat angels work diligently to dry up the pool within you. See the scorched, burned barren ground underneath it.. But see it as totally bone dry. Watch as the angels install a drainage system where the pool once was, and have it connect through a pipe directly into the river of Light.

Now see them use a hose to spray the ground and surrounding areas with a special treatment of healing energies. Watch a new growth of green grass emerge; then little flowers. Visualize them continuing to spray until a whole garden is formed. See the butterflies return. Hear birds singing. Visualize the sun coming out and see the scene lighter; with even a rainbow emerge.

Remember how it felt to get rid of this pool. If you ever feel angry, call upon the hazmat angels to check the drain pipe and to remove blockages that may be plugging it up and creating a back wash of anger. When you have a situation arise that usually creates anger, be excited to use it as an opportunity to get rid of it by using this technique.

Share this technique with others instead of allowing them to use you as a drainage ditch for their anger.

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Pour Love Into The Loners

Pour Love Into The Loners

Have you ever been invalidated, humiliated, mocked, scorned or rejected? This is the underlying experience of most of the lone gunman who commit horrific acts on society. In them, it is perpetual and systemic.

We can continue to demonize them all as mentally ill and chastise the “system” for allowing them to fall through the cracks. We can stand by helpless as we watch the power mongers link owning a gun with patriotism to get the most out of their rhetoric. We can watch while they continue to hand out guns like candy. Or we can address the issue on an energetic level so as not to feel so helpless.

Go to that feeling of being invalidated and rejected. This feeling multiplied many times and continually is what it takes to lash out in such a devastating way. Use your understanding of such pain as a conduit to connect with all the lone souls out there who are feeling this way. There are so many more than you may think. DON’T DO INTO THE THOUGHT PROCESS OR FEELINGS. Go in a very detached way. Go to all of them at once. Make your love and intention expansive enough to do so.

Energetically go to them and pour incredible love, compassion and encouragement into them. They are backed against the wall in a society that gives them no value. Put out the fire of their anguish with love and kindness. Use your love to diffuse future incidences.

You will never know who they are. You will never know what good you do. You will never get a pat on the back or a thank you. But you, simply armed with you love and compassion. Can be a true hero. Have you ever heard of one of these scenarios and thought that you wish you could be there to grab the gun out of the assailants hand? This is your way to do so.

Until those who profit from gun sales lose their grip of control on the psyches of the majority, this is a way to assist the “cause” in keeping the fatality numbers down.

I know the mentality of those is power. When I was a schoolgirl, my teacher at the time said that by the year 2000, all of the world would have to practice a form of population control. The mentality of those who live above the law, see these massacres as a form of thinning the herds. I sincerely believe that they put that little value on human life. There is no other explanation for the toleration of such weapons to flourish in society.

The forefathers knew how corrupt man was. They tried to imagine every scenario that would cause the people to be deprived of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness when writing the Bill of Rights. If they could have foreseen what was happening currently in society, they would have written the amendments a little bit differently. They had no way to foresee such bastardization of truth, integrity, loyalty and innocence to gain a profit. It was beyond their scope of reason.

So please send your love and compassion to all those suffering souls who feel the only way to attain validation and establish self-worth is by killing others. They suffer beyond this life; if we don’t intervene and they succeed in their fantasy act. Your love is more powerful than their hate and self loathing. Please give it a try. In doing this, you will be the epitome of an unsung hero.

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Empowerment Technique

Empowerment Technique

Visualize an infinity symbol of energy with one loop encircling the heart chakra and one loop encircling the head. They depict the symbiotic relationship between the heart and the mind. See them working together and creating a exponential synergy of Love and intention. Visualize the loops even and the energy flowing between them smoothly and effortlessly.

Visualize an infinity symbol between the brain and the solar plexus and one between the solar plexus. Create a triangle of energy working between these three areas. Feel the Synergy between the Love, Intention, the Love and the infinite source of potential.

Use this as a seed to begin contemplation and allow the visual to catapult you into the working dynamics of the energetic dynamics of the body.

If this resonates, you would enjoy:

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Technique:  River of Light

Technique: River of Light

Many of us are empathic. We feel the plight of others as if it is our own. If you are depressed or feeling discouraged for no seeming reason, you may be tapping into the issues of others.

The good news is that by letting the feelings pass or just waiting them out without reacting, you could be helping uplift others.

Technique: So when you feel bad or depressed, imagine it being like a cloud of something just passing through. Visualize helping it pass through you into a river of Light and dissolving. Better yet, visualize the river of Light passing through you and cleansing you of everything but Love and Light.

The more you do this, the stronger you can become. You may want to ask when is it ever your own stuff. It is never your own because you are pure love at the core.

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