The Underbelly of Asking for Prayers

The Underbelly of Asking for Prayers

People don’t understand how spiritual law works yet. It is exacting as physical laws like gravity. When people talk about themselves when they are at their lowest point, that is what people are going to lock into as that person’s identity. They are freezing themselves in that lowest point.

When they talk about their sick or dying relative, they are holding that person in a position of being sick and dying forever. Forever. It is difficult to recover from someone who is supposed to love them, is locking them into a freezing pattern of being sick and dying forever. It becomes a part of the person’s identity. The person who shares it becomes the one with the loved one who is suffering so bad.

People would really benefit their loved ones by understanding this. Other people’s image of us is a thought form that holds us in a fixed position if you are not strong or aware enough to counter it. People who are sick or struggling are not well enough to counter an onslaught of strangers seeing them as sick. It acerbates their plight.

It is a extreme violation of someone’s psychic space to talk about their struggles without their permission. It is a violation of their psychic space to take pictures of them when they are in the hospital and share them. It is a violation of your pets psychic space to tell everyone about their medical issues, and how they are suffering. It is also a violation of your pet’s psychic space when you keep telling their sad back story over and over. Please, let them enjoy their life and stop pulling them back into their worst moment. You are doing them a lot of damage.

I learned this when I encountered this particular woman and her cute little dog. The mom had incredible health issues. It was no coincidence that she also loved to talk about them. The little dog was happy until the mom started to tell it’s story. It went from being excited and playful in the moment to wilting and cowering inside. She never even noticed. I stopped her right in the middle of her diatribe and gave her a pretty hearty lecture. The sweet dog loved the lecture (it was for his benefit). It was meant to interrupt what she was doing to him. He became happy again.

So when you are asking for those prayers or telling your friends about your issue, ask yourself if this is how you want to be recognized from now on. Ask yourself if the process of talking about something is worth being locked in that experience from there after. If you ask for prayers, ask yourself if the request is going to assist your plight; or is it going to lock you or your love one in and unfavorable position.

People have a long memory for negative issues and a short memory for the good ones. It takes so much more of priming a life with positive goodwill for it to fix a life in a positive light. But it is worth it. If one is desperate for prayers, a generic request is so much more beneficial than giving the details. Your loved ones deserve the respect to be seen in their best light. Please don’t desecrate them out of lack of understanding. Their self empowerment is too important.

Apologies if this truth upsets anyone. If it does, I suggest energetically taking back what you have put out there.. It is no small thing to do this. The other thing is that people who ask for prayers don’t recognize it when it is given. I pour healing energy on all my friends who read my work. So if they are still asking for prayers, they are not recognizing what they already have been given.

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Debunking the Concept of Taking on Karma Or… The Spiritual Law of Vibrations Or… Arming the Empath

The world is expanding into a better understanding of how the Universe operates. The knowledge has always been there but it is something that we have not had the understanding to receive. Like the fact that the trees tell me that the way they communicate is similar to how we communicate using social media. Any tree can connect with any tree through their branches and roots. The roots and their branches are their interface.

Until we had the technology to connect through social media, we had no way of understanding of how it would be possible to personally know anyone in the world. Through that understanding, we can now fathom how any tree could possibly do the same; much less have intelligence to tell me. Everything that we thought of as miraculous, has a physiological basis; even miracles, healing, and God.

Being a dynamic healer would be a huge faux pas to declare; if not illegal; if it was not given the right preference. Everyone is a healer in some way and every one would benefit from using their gifts to inspire, nurture, uplift, teach, comfort and soothe. Because when someone heals someone else, they have the potential to heal themselves. There is a physiological reason why it makes us happy to make someone else happy. The reason is the same reason that the misnomer of taking on karma is still prevalent.

There are spiritual laws that govern the Universe. One of them is the spiritual law of vibrations. This simply means that everything of this world operates at different vibrational frequencies; even everything that we think of as solid matter. The things that come into our personal realm are things that we have become receptive to through introducing the vibration of them into our personal realm. That is why it is dangerous for very sensitive people; like empaths and healers to listen to people’s problems.

Their vibratory rate is so fluid that when harsh vibrations are introduced to theirs, their frequency easily shifts to match what they are receiving. They shift very easily in this way. To have an understanding of this is a huge survival tool to the empath. Understanding this gives the healer a working conscious knowledge of what they are doing. Empaths don’t even need to hear issues to adopt them. This is just one way.

I am able to Heal people very easily if they are receptive. I make funny sounds that some people can’t get past. When I do this, I am working with the Law of Vibrations in performing healing. What I am really doing by making those sounds is converting the energy of the subjects pain or issues into sound to release. But that is not all. What I am doing at a more intricate level, is removing the vibration of whatever was the issue from the subject’s sound frequency. (It can be taught.)

This is why people who are more open to me are more easily helped with what I do. It is because they are more able to not resist when I change the frequency of their whole self by pulling out a strain of vibration that has been causing them the issue. This is why I am ruthless about not allowing people to talk about the issue after I released it. That is a way to reintroduce the vibration back into themselves

When someone works on someone and actually heals them, it is a form of how homeopathy works except in a reversed way. In homeopathy, you are introducing a healthy vibration into your energy system to adapt your own energy to a healthier vibration. When a healer removes a vibration from someone else, they are introducing it to their energy system to pass through. If they are not careful, this frequency can take up home in their frequency. Not being careful consists of the FEAR of taking on the karma of another. It is not karma but the frequency of an issue that they are subjecting themselves to. It is then a choice to let it pass through them or adopt it as part of their make up. Whatever it is can be easily passed through the healer if they don’t identify with it and utilize the Spiritual Law of Love.

The Spiritual Law of Love is the greatest spiritual Law. It states that The Law of Love supersedes all other spiritual laws. It trumps all other laws. That means that the Spiritual Law of Love is an all access pass to empowerment. Where there is pure love, all fear is dissipated. This includes the fear of taking on karma. If someone is afraid of anything, it makes their vibration more pliable to whatever they are afraid of. That is why those who try to control others induce fear as a means of getting their target to vibrate with the targeted agenda.

This is how the popularity in war has been institutionalized all through history. This is how ruthless dictators have maintained popularity. This is what governments and other groups use to propagate an agenda that limits the individuals freedoms. This is how a spiritual group or religion maintains their integrity over an outsider. They use fear to weaken people and fortify a their boundaries against others by fortifying the uniqueness of a certain vibration that separates them as a group from the general populace.

We see this in groups that induce pride in being a member. But if you scan society, you can easily pick out the fear tactic and the ego tactic that are used by each group. Here let me help you.

Pride tactic – Patriotism
Fear tactic- protecting ourselves from being destroyed

Pride Tactic-God loves you best, Being the chosen
Fear Tactic- of going to hell or losing your spiritual standing

Pride Tactic- Supremacy
Fear Tactic- becoming a melting pot

Pride Tactic- Any label that denotes Pride
Fear Tactic- Losing being special if it is taken away

Pride tactic- Withholding information
Fear tactic- losing one’s edge if info is shared or info will get in the “wrong” hands

What I share has been kept from the general populace for centuries; perhaps always. I share it gladly and freely by adhering to the Spiritual Law of Love and a great understanding of our interconnection. These are greater times and it is time to give access to truth to all. I am so honored to be able to share with people the truth that has been being pumped into their psyche as their inalienable truth. But they have had no way to confirm it or perhaps articulate it. Until now. I share freely without administering a secret handshake or the need to keep it to themselves. Truth needs to be pumped into the drinking water. Now is the time.

This world doesn’t take too kindly to all its secrets being shared though. It is a daily challenge to reach those who are starving for truth. The human consciousness is like a frozen pond. You can drill a hole in it with truth but then that opening will soon freeze over if it isn’t tended to regularly. That is what I do with my writings. I am continually piercing the human consciousness with truth. I actually pay for my special posts to get shared. It is getting more expensive and more discouraging to do so. I am not sure how effective it has been either.

I have started offering retreats so that people can get that individual attention that they crave from someone who remembers the ancient dynamics of healing. They have proven to be a very dynamic gathering place for spiritual seekers. I have written eight books to assist the seeker in stripping off layers of illusion preventing them from realizing their innate worth. There are different books because different people resonate with different ways to access truth. It is important to meet the seeker half way in their search.  The disadvantage of the human consciousness causes much resistance in attaining success. But it is getting easier as more people awaken.

Deciding to participate is taking the initiative to empower yourself. In the past, initiations were done to give power to a group, or a head honcho. But this is initiating yourself and the world in the highest physical aspect of yourself. Because there is no middleman between you and your highest potential. You should be walking with your spirit guides and angels regularly. You shouldn’t have to wait your whole life to deem yourself worthy. They are walking with you now. It is only a matter of you realizing it. This is what self-realization or enlightenment is.

So many of you are so close. This is not stroking the ego. It is simply fact. I invite you now to your own empowerment. I invite the whole world to their own empowerment. Here is a clear path to empowerment with very little conditions. The only one stopping you now is you.

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