Perpetual Prayer

There is a sense of separateness in the way that we think, feel and act. We may believe that of all the things we think, say, feel and do are are incremental, but that is not really accurate. We wake up, perform our morning routine, go to work, interact with people one at a time, get some exercise, do some meditation/prayer and go to sleep. We are doing everything in little boxes as if everything is separate from everything else. What if we treated them as if they were not? If we went through our life like everything we are doing is happening all at once (which is a valid metaphysical perspective) then our integrity would be based on the consistency of our actions, thoughts and feelings being in agreement. This is what being centered is all about. I see all these inconsistencies in people because to me they are happening in real-time. I am not engaging in a linear way. When I interact with someone, everything that they have ever said and done is right there in front of everything I have ever said and done. They don’t recognize this because most people filter out all that is happening […]

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Network of Love

Make your Love so big and so pure that every living being in the Universe can feel it. See your love as larger than the whole Solar System, stuffed and compacted into your body. And when you say your prayers or do your meditations, acknowledge everyone else who is showing their reverence at the same moment as you. See yourself connected into all the other loving souls who are connecting in that moment. Extend that moment throughout your day and stay connected in a network of love.

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Being Centered

Being centered is being in the eye of the storm. It is your own calm. It is where your Love and truth is. There are definite signs that you are in your center. When one is centered they are at peace with themselves. They are kind, and content and happy. There is no jealousy and no pettiness. One does not enjoy gossip because they do not take fascination in the struggles of others. People use many different techniques to stay centered. Some pray, some meditate, work out, use visualizations, listen to inspirational music or read inspirational works. Some may even play Candy Crush to stay centered. What looks like wasting time to someone else, may be a survival tool for another. Here are some EFT taps to assist in staying centered. (say each statement three times while tapping on your head and a fourth time while tapping on your chest) I Am centered in Joy, Love, Abundance, and Freedom, in all lifetimes. I release coming out of Love in search of Love, in all lifetimes. I release coming out of contentment to find Joy, in all lifetimes. I release surrendering my freedom to search for freedom, in all lifetimes. I […]

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Enhance Your Own Value

We send prayers up like messages to a signal tower in hopes that they will be prioritized and delivered. When will we realize, that WE are the signal tower. Whether prayers are effective or random has to do with two things. The signal strength of the sender and the receptiveness of the recipient. Send your positive intentions directly to the recipient. On the other end, always be receptive to the well wishes of others. When we pray for ourselves, we are sending out a signal and it is being sent back to us. This can be a very empowering realization because so many believe that the process is random. It feels as if some invisible force is deciding whether we are worthy or not and that concept, through a psyche that has been broken down by the exploits of man, can leave one feeling helpless. It is not hit or miss. You are empowered by your own intention. And if you have seen your prayers work miracles for others, please turn them on yourself because you are worth it! Enhance your own value!

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Request from a Friend

Jen and Simha

A friend of mine asked me to extrapolate on this beautiful poem that touches him. Love tells me I am everything, Wisdom tells me I am nothing, Between these two my life flows. ~ Nisargadatta When we Love, we open up to every experience. A stranger walking by with a look of concern on their face can bring us to weep with compassion. Every being is a reflection of an experience we have rejoiced or struggled with. Every blade of grass sings to us and every atom is a universe in itself that carries the potential to Love and be loved. I have prayed to God and a tree has answered. I have been admonished by a dandelion who I carelessly picked before her seeds where ready to parachute. I have looked at a soul and felt the depth of their struggle and have held the tears inside. All these things make living and loving so complete. One life can fill volumes of books on poetry and prose. But then to have all these experiences is to lose myself. I am not separate from the Love. I am a fluid, intricate stream of awareness and potential. I am not in […]

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